In recent years, more and more Chinese students come to the UK to study. Most of them are attracted by
the unique cultural atmosphere and open academic environment. Others may think studying abroad, being educated in the first-class universities and enjoying after-school life are glamorous, however, if you have been here with the same experience, you would know exactly how much hard work behind all these glamour’s̶ dealing with every trivial household chore and facing the pressure of school work, dreaming but feeling lost about the future. After graduation, everyone comes to the crossroad and chooses their paths for future. For a variety of reasons, many students left, but there are still some choose to stay, fighting in this world that does not belong to them, but they make twice or triple efforts or more than that for their dreams. This article would present some Chinese young graphic designers who choose to stay and fight in London for their dreams.

近些年來,越來越多的中國學生來到英國留學,他們大多是被這裡獨有的文化氛圍和開放的學術環境吸引而來。雖然在外人的眼中,留學生的生活是豐富多彩的,在一流的大學里接受教育,享受著五光十色的課餘生活,但是每一個留學生都清楚,在這光鮮亮麗背後是獨自一人面對生活的瑣事,學習的壓力和對未來的憧憬和迷茫。留學的生活是短暫的,在人生的分岔路口,不同的人選擇了不同的道路,出於各種各樣的原因,很多人離開了,但也有一些人選擇留下,在這片本不屬於他們的天地裡打 拼,為了自己的夢想而努力。這期將要為大家介紹的,正是這樣一群奮鬥在倫敦的華人平面設計創意人。


Cooperation with Artgap

I met Li Ye and Ye Xianghui by the introduction of Qu Hao,
the first design director of Artgap. He gave an extremely brief comment on these two boys, “they are quite good, reliable too.” Until a long time since then I know what he means̶ responsible and reliable. To be honest, it is the first time I would use responsible to describe designers. But from my point of view, this is the prerequisite to be qualified as a designer.

Artgap Magazine is a non-profit bilingual art magazine, as a result, it is different from traditional magazine when it comes
to editing, distribution, design and some other aspects. Moreover, for an establishing independent magazine, there 
are unimaginable difficulties ahead. I have to give my special thanks to our editorial and design team, for they completed the mission impossible under extremely limited resources, and the content of the magazine becomes more and more abundant, and design becomes more and more mature.

As the magazine grows, more young designers join our team, such as Mei Li, Qian Xu, Lu Zhang, Xiaodan Gao, Luming Xu, Jun Liu, Joe Shi, Nan Wu, Dian Jin and many more. This outstanding design team not only completed the design of the magazine, but also gets involved in all aspects of operation of the magazine. They made great contribution for the development and growth of Artgap.


與 Artgap的合作

最初認識李燁和葉向輝是通過Artgap第一任設計總監屈浩的引薦,當時他對這兩位設計師的評價簡單到極致,只是對我說 了一句“他們倆不錯,靠譜”。直到後來很久,我才慢慢體會到在這簡短的評語當中蘊含的是怎樣的一種肯定──責任感。說實話,也許我是第一個用“責任感”來形容設計師的,不過在我看來,這確實是作為一個設計師最為先決和最為基本的素質。

由於Artgap雜誌是一本非盈利性質的雙語藝術刊物,在編輯、 發行、設計各個環節的操作都不同於傳統的雜誌,而且對於剛剛起步的獨立雜誌來說,可謂是困難重重,我不得不感謝我們 的編輯和設計團隊,在極其有限的資源之下完成了看似不可能完成的任務,雜誌的內容一期比一期豐富,設計也越來越趨於成熟。

隨着雜誌的成長,越來越多的年輕設計師加入到我們的團隊, 李梅、徐茜、張露、高曉丹、徐路明、劉珺、石約瑟、武楠、 金甸等等。這支優秀的設計隊伍不僅僅完成了雜誌的設計工 作,他們更參與了整個雜誌運轉的方方面面,為Artgap的發展壯大做出了巨大的貢獻。


Graphic Playground Exhibition

After working with these graphic designers for a long time,
I found that every one of them has their own unique insight and perspective on design. This is how Graphic Playground, an exhibition project of graphic design, being presented: all these young graphic designers who are working in London gathered in one roof, using a relaxed and pleasant way to convey their creed of design, “graphic design is serious and sophisticated work, but it also brings us endless fun and surprises to our daily lives.” Ten designers and artists are invited in the exhibition, and all of them used different mediums to present the possibilities and creativities of graphic design. In a sense at the same time, Artgap is the very playground for offering young people a platform to make notes of their attitudes and thoughts, and share with others.


平面遊樂園 Graphic Playground

和這些年輕的平面設計師一起工作久了,發現他們每個人對設計都有獨到的見解和與眾不同的視角,於是就引出了“平面遊樂場(Graphic Playground)”這個平面設計的展覽項目,把在倫敦發展的年輕平面設計師 的作品彙聚一堂,用輕鬆愉快的方式來傳達設計師們的工作信條,“平面設 計是嚴肅而精密的工作,可是平面設計作品卻為我們的日常生活帶來了無盡的樂趣和驚喜。” 展覽邀請了十位設計師和藝術家,運用不同的媒介來表現平面設計的可能性和創造性。某種意義上來說,Artgap正是這樣一個遊 樂場,為願意表達自我的年輕人提供一個平台,把自己的態度和想法記錄下來,傳播出去。


Anywalk Exhibition

Along with the globalization trend of Chinese brands, many commercial brands subsequently increase their concerns on design and brand culture. Chinese young designers therefore become the significant bridge of brand communication. Luming Xu and Xianghui Ye use their photographic works from their own perspectives to present the vigorous and multi-cultural London in the Anywalk exhibition.





Bulletpin Studio

As the English saying, ‘remember what should be remembered, and forget what should be forgotten. Alter what is changeable, and accept what is mutable.’ When facing
to choices in life, some designers choose to bring the innovative vitality and spirit of design back to China for good, while some choose to stay in London, namely Ye Li, Xianghui Ye, Xiaodan Gao, Joe Shi and Nan Wu established their studio called Bulletpin to start their new journey. Websites, animation and online magazine they designed have gained wide attention and received very good responses. I believe in the near future, Bulletpin will become the most outstanding Chinese design studio in the UK.



“鐵打的營盤流水的兵”,由於面對不同的人生選擇, 一些設計師選擇回到中國發展,將創新的活力和設計的精神帶回國內,同時,也有一些人選擇繼續留在這裡,李燁、葉向輝、高曉丹、石約瑟和武楠成立了 Bulletpin Studio多媒體設計工作室,開始了他們新的征程。他們所設計的網站,動畫和網絡雜誌受到了 眾多人的關注,相信在不久的將來,這個工作室就將 發展成為英國作為傑出的華人設計師工作室。


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