Interview with Philip-Lorca diCorcia

ART.ZIP: You mentioned the policy of the school, can you say a little more about it?

PD: It is the same thing that you see in the art world in general. I really don’t think that for instance identity politics is a particularly interesting thing. To investigate your sexuality is fine, but to do it with emphasis on you yourself is to me ultimately boring. I don’t think that there is anyone in the art world and anywhere else that is that interesting. Suddenly everything is me me me. Let’s say that people who have decided in what direction to go, at Yale for instance, they are all about having a career in the art world, and investigating notions of yourself and art itself. So it is art about art, it is art about ego, it is art about career. Those are the three things I couldn’t care less about, so I am not interested in continuing.

Reality takes a part in the sense that it is a motivation. The experience of making a photograph is not new to me. Increasingly it could be new, because I have no real digital knowledge but let’s just say starting out, leaving your house, with your camera, and coming back with something that you have made, is not unique for me anymore. So what is unique is where you put yourself and what you experience as a result of that. I chose photography in one way because the idea of going in to a big studio and facing a blank canvas and having anything that I want to register on that canvas just didn’t happen, it is just not something I want to do. So reality comes in to play, because reality is the substance that I work with.


ART.ZIP: 您提到了學院的政策,能多談一些嗎?

PD: 這也是在藝術界裡普遍存在的事情。我真的不覺得諸如身份政治一類的問題是特別有趣的。去探究你的性別沒有問題,但是在這個探究中強調你自己——這對我來說太無聊了。我不覺得藝術界中的任何人,或更廣大世界中的任何人這麽有趣,值得這麽多關注。突然,這一切都變成了“我,我,我”。在耶魯之類學院內學習的人們,他們想投身藝術界,探究有關自身以及藝術的概念。所以這一切變成了有關藝術的藝術、有關自我的藝術、有關職業的藝術。這三樣東西是我完全不感興趣的。所以我並不想繼續我的教職。



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