Turner Prize Shortlist 2012 Announced

 Tate Britain announced the four artists who have been shortlisted for the Turner Prize 2012. The artists are Spartacus Chetwynd, Luke Fowler, Paul Noble and Elizabeth Price.

泰特美術館英國分館(Tate Britain)宣布了2012年特納獎(Turner Prize)入圍的四位藝術家名單,這四位藝術家分別是絲芭達克絲 · 切特溫德(Spartacus Chetwynd)、路克 · 福勒爾(Luke Fowler)、保羅 · 諾布爾(Paul Noble )以及伊麗莎白 · 普萊斯(Elizabeth Price)。

Spartacus Chetwynd

For her solo exhibition at Sadie Coles HQ, London. Combining a broad spectrum of historical and cultural sources, Chetwynd makes paintings, carnivalesque performances and sculptural installations utilising handmade costumes and sets. Chetwynd confuses the boundary between performer and spectator, creating an atmosphere of joyful improvisation.

絲芭達克絲 · 切特溫德

提名作品為其在倫敦薩迪克爾斯( S a d i eColes HQ)的總部的個展。切特溫德融合了廣泛的歷史和文化淵源,她運用了手工製作的服飾和道具佈景等進行了繪畫、雕塑裝置的創作還有嘉年華式的即興表演。切特溫德模糊了表演者和觀眾的界限,創造了一種歡樂的即興創作氛圍。


Luke Fowler

For his solo exhibition at Inverleith House, Edinburgh, which showcased his new film exploring the life and work of Scottish psychiatrist, R. D. Laing. Fowler interweaves found footage and new material into accomplished and immersive films that evoke the atmosphere of a particular era, revealing how the relationship between individuals and society changes through time.

路克 · 福勒爾

提名作品為其在愛丁堡音維雷斯大樓 Inverleith House 的個展,這個展覽展示了他新的電影作品,探索了蘇格蘭精神科醫生 RD.雷丁的生活和工作。福勒爾將現成影片與新材料相結合,實現並還原了影片,喚起了特定的時代氛圍,揭示了個體和社會關係隨著時間是如何變遷的。


Paul Noble

For his solo exhibition at Gagosian Gallery, London, which brought together the painstakingly detailed and engrossing drawings of the fictional metropolis Nobson Newtown. Undercutting the precise, technical drawing is a dark satirical narrative which unfolds in the microcosmos of these monumental works.


保羅 · 諾布爾

提名作品為其在倫敦高古軒畫廊(Gagosian Gallery)的個展,這個展覽展出了其虛構大都市諾伯森新城的繪畫作品,畫中的驚人細節引人入勝。仔細看這些精準考究的繪畫,便能看出黑暗的諷刺敘事在這些令人讚嘆不已的微型景觀中完美呈現。


Elizabeth Price

For her solo exhibition at BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, Gateshead, in which she presented a trilogy of video installations. Price reanimates existing archives of imagery, texts and music to explore our complex relationship to objects and consumer culture. Her carefully sequenced films guide us through immersive virtual spaces, derived from the cultural debris of the material world.

伊麗莎白 · 普萊斯

提名作品為其在蓋茨黑德的巴提克當代藝術中心(BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art)的個展,展覽中她展示了影像裝置的三部曲。普萊斯鼓勵從現有圖像、文字和音樂檔案去探究實物與消費文化之間複雜的關係。她細心排序的影片將我們引入到從物質世界的文化碎片而來的虛擬空間去。



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