Frieze Foundation
Frieze 基金會


A: Are there any new directions or new programs in the future that you could reveal to us in advance?

N: I am interested in building on my long-standing interest in time-based and performative programming. As we all know, during Frieze, London sees a very intense amount of activity that only last for 5 days a year. Yet for artist commissions this temporality can enable a different type of work to be produced and the energy remains consistently high.

I am very committed to an integrated approach to artistic expression – this is a focus that has driven my practice and yielded extremely fascinating results. In this sense, I intend to bring Frieze Projects in dialogue with other forms including practices normally found under the umbrella-term of ‘education’. As part of this approach, I will encourage artists to experiment with new and un-explored aspects of their practice through the commissioning process. One cohesive commissioning strand will issue out of such an experiment, with an aim to developing collaborative projects on a local, national and international scale.

I am delighted to be joined by Kate Coyne as Producer of theFrieze Foundation. Kate danced with Michael Clark from 1997-2012 in all his projects leading on large performances at the Tate and Whitney. She also won the Critic’s Circle Award for best female dancer- Modern in 2010. I am really excited about how we will be able to work together to shape something in a new direction.







我非常榮幸能柯尼(Kate Coyne)推薦成為Frie ze 基金會的製作人。從1997年至2012年,凱特和克拉克(Michael Clark)合作了很多在泰特和惠特尼美術館的大型表現項目。她在2010年贏得了影評人協會頒發的年度最佳女舞者獎。我真的非常高興能和她一起工作,並且一同開創基金會的新方向。


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