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Wellcome Trust is a global charitable foundation dedicated to achieving extraordinary improvements in human and animal health, it supports the brightest minds in biomedical research and the medical humanities. Their breadth of support includes public engagement, education and the application of research to improve health. it is an independent of both political and commercial interests. Today, ART. ZIP invites the senior art adviser of Wellcome Trust, meroë candy, to tell us about the operation of the foundation.

 威康信託基金會是英國一家全球性的慈善基金會,致力於極力地改善人類和動物健康狀況,基金 會支持生物醫學研究和醫療人文項目,廣泛的支持包括公眾參與項目,教育和應用研究用以改善 人類的健康狀況。它是一個獨立于政治和商業行為之外的組織。今天我們請來了基金會高級藝術 顧問麥羅埃•坎迪(meroë candy)女士來為我們介紹基金會的運作。




A: could you tell me a bit about yourself?

C: I joined the Wellcome Trust seven years ago to run a grants program called Sciart which funded artists and scientists working together. This was a predecessor to our current program, the arts awards which we launched in 2007 which funds arts that explore biomedical science.


C:七年前我加入威康信託基金會,負責一個資助藝術家和科學家的合作 項目,叫《 sciart 》。這 個資助計劃就是現在《藝術獎(arts awards) 》的前身,所以2007年以後我們主要通過《藝術獎》這個藝術資助項目來發展生物醫學。


A: So before 2007, there was no arts particular funding program?

C: Before 2007 we ran a number of funding schemes that funded the  arts which we’ve now combined into one program. The Arts Awards have grown significantly over the last five years. The main focus of the Wellcome Trust is to support research into medical science and medical humanities. Alongside that, we support activities which engage the public with science, to encourage a culture and society that values scientific and medical research. The Arts Awards are part of that strategy. Also, we run the Wellcome Collection, a venue which enables people to explore the connections between medicine, life and art.

A:所以在2007年之前沒有一個特別為藝術設 立的資助項目?

C:2007年之前我們有一些零散的藝術資助計 劃,現在我們全部統一到一個項目當中。《藝術 獎》在過去五年有了很大的發展。威康信託基 金重點支持醫學及人文醫學的研究,除此之外, 我們支持相關的醫學普及活動,希望大家都能 意識到科學醫學研究的重要性,而《藝術獎》 就是讓大眾參與的策略之一。同時,我們還成立 了“威康收藏館(Wellcome collection)”,一個 讓大家探索醫藥、生命和藝術關係的地方。

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