On Photography, by Susan Sontag caused a sensation and aroused extensive discussions in 1977 when it was first published. To date, this critical writing about the discussions of the fundamental problem of photography has been translated into various languages and published in many editions. It has become the photography bible for photographers and intellectuals throughout the world.

蘇珊·桑塔格(Susan Sontag)的《論攝影》出版 于1977年,當時這本書引起了廣泛的討論,轟 動一時,時至今日,這本討論攝影本源問題的 批評著作已經被翻譯成多種文字,並多次再 版,成為世界各地攝影人和文化人所必備的經 典著作。

In spite of the title of On Photography, it is a non-professional photography book with little photographic terminology, and even without any photographs. It is a book as big as a hand, no thicker than half of the thumb and barely as heavy as two eggs, blandly printed with simple and frugal design, and worshipped by countless people as a classic masterpiece of work.

雖然叫《論攝影》,但這本書並不是一本專業的 攝影書籍,整本書中也沒有用到幾個攝影術語, 甚至全書連一張配圖都沒有。就是這麼一本巴 掌大小,一根手指厚,兩個雞蛋重的小冊子,平 淡無奇的印刷和紙張,儉樸或者說是簡陋的裝 幀構成了這本被無數人視為經典的傳世之作。

Susan Sontag, the book’s author, is regarded as one of the most significant writers in the United States in the past forty years. In the cultural sector, she, along with Simone de Beauvoir and Hannah Arendt, is known as the most outstanding female intellectual in the contemporary Western world.

本書的作者蘇珊·桑塔格是美國過去40年間最為重要的作家之一,在文化界她與西蒙·波伏娃 (Simone de Beauvoir)、漢娜·阿倫特(Han- nah Arendt)並稱為西方當代最傑出的女性知識份子。

She, through her own personal initiative and experience, intervenes in our society. Through personal value judgement, she makes her own in- dependent voice. In 2004, the world witnessed her death, where she used her words and actions expressing her own creed—-all her words and voice are from her conscience, which is not out of her being a writer, but simply because of being a living person.

她通過個人的行動與親身的體驗來介 入我們的社會,通過她個人的價值判斷來發出 自己獨立的聲音,2004年,她與世長辭,她用 她的文字和行動闡釋了她自己的信條–她所有 的文字和聲音都是出自她的“良心”,而這種“良 心”並不是出於她作家的職業,而僅僅是因為她是一個活著的人。

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