Those sky, those places, those people, those things, those feelings at those time being were so naturally existing that never did I ever bear a second thought about their existence at those moments. Through the passage of time, memories are being refreshed and replaced over and over again. Once randomly clicking into those long-forgotten image folders, all those memories are once again being picked up from one photo to another. Never had I ever thought those sky and those places can turn out to be so aesthet- ically beautiful; the encounters with strangers can be so enjoyably delightful; being with family and friends can reach so deep down the heart; so much brave confidence is needed to embark on a journey on my own; the having been long denied my self can be worth so much respect; those photographs having been taken for granted carry so many precious moments in the past.

曾經的那些天空,那些地方,那些人,那些事,那些感覺,在那時 那刻都是那麽地被認為是理所當然,不假思索的。時間流逝, 記憶一次次地被刷新替換,忽然點進那些早被遺忘的照片文件 夾,再一次拾起曾經的那些畫面,原來那些天空那些地方是那 麽的美,原來與陌生人的相遇可以是那麽的可愛,原來親友的 相伴是那麽的溫馨,原來一個人的旅程是需要那麽大的勇氣, 原來曾經被否定的自己也可以是那麽的賞心悅目,原來被認為 理所當然的照片承載著那麽多珍貴的過去。


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