Alternative Guide to the Universe

This major Hayward summer show is
a guide to an artistic landscape that stretches to the far horizons of imaginative experience. A collection of inventive and beautiful pieces, Alternative Guide to the Universe is a rare opportunity to discover works from self-taught artists and architects, fringe physicists; dreamers and visionary engineers, all of whom seek to reinvent the world we live in.

Alternative Guide to the Universe focuses on individuals who develop their ideas and practices outside of official institutions and established disciplines. Eccentric and inspiring, their work ingeniously departs from accepted ways of thinking in order to re-imagine the rules of culture and science. Spanning a wide range of forms and materials, it includes epic paintings of alternative calendars as well as obsessively detailed drawings
of the human nervous system; scientific charts and fantastical engineering plans; functioning robots and blueprints for cities of the future and the evolution of human consciousness.

Taken together, the speculative visions in Alternative Guide to the Universe rival the wildest inventions of science fiction – with the difference that these artists actually believe in the validity and veracity of all that they describe and propose. Whether speculating on mysteries of time and space or charting the unseen energy flows of our bodies and minds, their imaginative creations invite the viewer into a universe where ingenuity trumps received wisdom.

此次海沃德畫廊的夏季展呈現了一幕獨特的藝術景觀, 它將引導觀眾們進行一次延伸到想像力邊緣的經驗之 旅。《另類太空指南》是一個奇異發明和美麗事物的集 合,此次展覽是一個千載難逢的機會,去發現那些自學 成才的藝術家和設計師、邊緣物理學家、夢想家和富有 遠見的工程師們是如何重新定義我們所處的世界。

《另類太空指南》關注於那些不隸屬與任何機構的、不 墨守陳規的個體,他們獨立發展和實踐自己的想法。他們 的作品是怪異的,更是具有啟發性的,他們的創作巧妙地 擺脫了約定俗成的思維方式,得以重新思考和架構既有 的文化和科學的法則。展覽展出的作品囊括了廣泛的材質和創作形式,例如史詩般的另類日曆式的油畫;描繪了 極致精細的人體神經系統的詳盡圖紙;科學圖表和幻想 工程的計劃方案;未來城市的藍圖和機器人以及對於人 類意識進化的暢想等等。

《另類宇宙指南》中展出的作品可以與最為天馬行空的 科幻小說中的想像相媲美,不同的是參展藝術家們是真 心實意的相信他們的描述和設想是符合邏輯并切實可行 的。無論是對於時間空間奧秘的揣測還是對於我們心靈 和肉體間無形能量流的繪製,藝術家們充滿想像力的創 作將觀者帶入一個充滿真正智慧的宇宙。




展览场地:Hayward Gallery 海沃德畫廊




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