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Members of the public can choose great British artworks to be part of the world’s largest art exhibition Art Everywhere, on view on streets around the UK this summer, by selecting their favorite work from a list published on 21 June on

The long list of remarkable British artworks, dating from mediaeval to the contemporary, is online until 10 July for the public to choose from. The dates of artworks range from c1340
- 2012 and include well-known works such as John Constable’s Salisbury Cathedral in the Meadows, J.M.W. Turner’s The Fighting Temeraire, John Millias’s Ophelia and Francis Bacon’s Head VI. The list includes major artists such as William Blake, Barbara Hepworth, Tracey Emin, Sarah Lucas, Damien Hirst, as well as lesser-known artists spanning the centuries.

To produce the list, members of a selection panel were invited to each put forward 50 artworks that they felt were important and were both from a public collection and by a British artist. The list was edited to just over 100 artworks to ensure there was a balanced range of artists, subjects and periods.

The public can choose their favorite works by ‘liking’ them and sharing them through Facebook. Reproductions of the some of the most popular works – fifty in all – go on view on billboard sites across the UK for two weeks.

Many leading artists support the project, including Damien Hirst who said: “Art is for everyone, and everyone who has access to it will benefit from it. This project is amazing and gives the public a voice and an opportunity to choose what they want to see on their streets.”

《藝術隨處見》將會是一個全世界最大的展覽項目,人們通過網站推 選出他們最喜歡的英國藝術作品,而今年夏天這些被選出的作品將 在英國各地的大街小巷里展示。6月21日,候選作品名單將會公佈在網站上。

截止到7月10日,一系列標誌性的英國著名藝術作品的名錄和圖片將會 被放到網站上供公眾來投票,作品創作的年代跨度很大,包括了從中世 紀到當代各階段的重要作品(1340-2012),其中包括約翰·康斯特布爾 (John Constable)的《索爾茲伯里大教堂(Salisbury Cathedral in the Meadows)》,J.M.W.特納(J.M.W. Turner)的《無畏號戰艦(The Fighting Temeraire)》,約翰·米萊斯(John Millias)的《奧菲莉亞(Ophelia)》以及 弗朗西斯·培根(Francis Bacon)的《頭像之六(Head VI)》。這份作品清單里包括了很多知名的藝術家如威廉·布萊克(WilliamBlake), 芭芭拉·赫普沃斯(Barbara Hepworth),翠西·艾敏(Tracey Emin),莎拉·盧 卡斯(Sarah Lucas),達明·赫斯特(Damien Hirst),以及一些在跨越了幾 個世紀時間裏都鮮為人知的藝術家。

評選委員會的成員各自給出50件他們認為重要的藝術作品,從這些作品中, 權衡作品的時代、主題和藝術家等各種要素,最終整理出100多件候選作品 向公眾公佈。

所有人都可以通過自己的喜愛來挑選他們認為優秀的藝術作品,并通過社 交網絡分享他們的選擇。其中最受公眾喜愛的前50幅作品將會被繪制在遍 佈英國各地的廣告牌進行兩週的展覽。

很多知名藝術家都支持了這個項目,其中達明·赫斯特表示:“藝術是大眾 的,每個接觸藝術的人都可以從中受益,這個項目非常棒,它讓每個人都可 以發出自己的聲音來選擇他們喜歡的藝術作品。”




展览场地: :On streets around the UK 遍佈英國各處




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