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For a long time, our understanding of the development and academic theory of western contemporary arts has been profoundly in-depth. But little is known about the non-profit trusts and foundation systems, which promote and support the entire development of western contemporary arts. Looking into the global art world, the whole art institutions, art movements, art fairs and art practice are inextricably linked with art trusts and foundations. Therefore, it is crucial to understand the operation of the art trusts and foundations in the west, which enables us to understand the whole art ecosystem.

很長一段時間以來,我們對西方當代藝術的發 展和學術理論都已經有了相當深入的了解,但 是對整個西方當代藝術發展背後起到推廣和 支持作用的非公益信託和基金會體系卻知之甚 少。放眼全球的藝術界,整個藝術機構、藝術運 動、藝術博覽會及藝術實踐當中都與藝術信託 及基金會有著密不可分的聯繫,因此了解西方 藝術信託和基金會的運作對我們了解整個當代 藝術生態有著至關重要的作用。

With the development of contemporary society as well as the increasing richness of present material life, the construction of the spiritual realm and the desire of culture and art have become more and more significant. However, in the present highly developed commercial market, it is difficult to ensure the high quality and diversity of the art field only in the means of market and capital operation whose purpose is to seek profits. And the related academic research and experimental art exploration, which are not easy to gain short-term profits but at the same time are of great importance, are always difficult to develop driven purely by economic interests. In view of this situation, many countries have released varied policies and regulations to promote the healthy development and continuous prosperity of culture and art, and also to mobilize social resources in multiple levels from the nation, enterprises to individuals, by the concept of transmitting public trusts into culture and art activities in order to support art practice.

隨著當代社會的發展,在物質生活不斷豐富的 當下,人們對精神領域的建構和文化藝術方面 的渴求越來越顯著,但是在商業市場高度發達 的今天,僅僅通過市場和趨利為目的資本運作 是很難保證文化藝術領域發展的高質量及多樣 性,而且相關的如學術研究和實驗性的藝術探 索,這樣不容易短期獲得收益卻又是極其重要 的基礎部門往往很難在純粹經濟利益的驅動下 獲得發展。鑒於此種情況,很多國家為了推動文 化藝術的健康發展和持續繁榮都出台了各種政 策和法規,從國家、企業、個人等多個層面來調 動廣大社會資源,將公益信託觀念導入文化活 動支持純粹的文化藝術活動。

In recent years, China has also strongly promoted the development and dissemination of national culture. However, its operational and system integrity remains in its initial stage. In the west, it has formed a relatively developed operation and supervision system in non-profit trusts and foundations. Therefore, in this issue we will take the UK as an example, to introduce the contribution of non-profit trusts and foundations through their concept development and also the operation experience. Some distinctive British charitable art funds will also be introduced. And we will provide a clue to understand the non-profit trusts and foundations in the UK, and offer some references to improve and promote the supporting system for culture and arts in China.

中國近年來也在大力的推動本國的文化發展和 傳播,但從操作性和系統完善性上來看還僅僅 是處在起步階段。由於西方在公益信託基金等 方面已經形成了相對完善的操作體系和監管制 度,因此在這一期的雜誌專題當中我們將以英 國為例,通過對其公益信託及基金會概念的發 展過程和操作經驗來介紹其對英國文化藝術發 展做出的貢獻,同時我們也將介紹一些較有特 色的英國公益性藝術基金,給大家提供一條了 解英國非盈利信託和基金會的線索,同時也希 望為改善和促進國內文化藝術支持系統提供一 些參考。


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