Amazing China

2.10.-5.10.2020 at 71Duke street London Breaks Through the COVID-19 Shadows, Themed Exhibition “Amazing China” held in London As one of the themed programmes during London Craft Week (LCW), “Amazing China” opens on October 2nd on 71 Duke Street, a popular business area in London. The exhibition is hosted by National Base for International Cultural Trade

The Eternal Puzzle Behind the Thousand Years Old Chinese Painting “Spring Outing”

我們今天來聊聊一張畫 《虢國夫人遊春圖》,這是中國藝術史上 非常重要的一張作品 無論從構圖的疏密有致,設色有多麽典雅 各個方面的都顯示出盛唐當時風範,藝術的典範 這些咱們一會兒都會說到 但今天咱主要著重說那個什麽事呢? 是圍繞著這張《虢國夫人遊春圖》的一個千古未解之謎 那就是這張畫雖然叫做《虢國夫人遊春圖》 但裡面哪個人是虢國夫人,這個問題到今天也沒有定論 咱們今天就圍繞這個話題給大家講一講畫中哪位是虢國夫人 More Videos

Book Review: ‘Avant-Garde’ Art Groups in China, 1979-1989 by Paul Gladston

作者:龔之允 發佈時間:20 Feb 2017       In 2013, Prof. Paul Gladston (University of Nottingham) published ‘Avant-Garde’ Art Groups in China, 1979-1989, an English art history monograph focuses on the originality of contemporary Chinese art. There are a few publications about the avant-garde art groups in the 1980s China, for instance The ’85 Movement (2

An Ancient Tradition, A New Era: Contemporary Porcelain from China古老的傳統,新的時代:中國當代陶瓷藝術

Text Photo by Elaine Yu   The Chinese Contemporary Porcelain art exhibition celebrated its opening ceremony in British museum on 18th November, the show is curated by Chen HaiBo, Director of Chinese Cultural Media Group. 27 art works from 18 Chinese artists are exhibited in the show. The visiting artists are primarily renowned Chinese academia born in the

Ming: 50 years that changed China

TEXT BY文字提供:ART.ZIP IMAGES COURTESY OF 圖片提供:BRITISH MUSEUM 大英博物館 In September 2014 the British Museum will stage a major exhibition on a golden age in China’s history--Ming:50 Years That Changed China. The exhibition will explore the years 1400 – 1450, a pivotal 50 year period that transformed China during the rule of the Ming dynasty. In


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