Nanhai I and other Important Shipwrecks
Symposiums, Exhibitions and Publications on Maritime Silk Roads in Recent Years

The Nanhai I is a Chinese merchant ship that sank in the South China Sea (Nanhai) while carrying a cargo of ceramics and other goods for export during the Southern Song dynasty (1127–1279). The shipwreck was found in the waters of Guangdong in 1987, the year when an underwater archaeology section was formed by the China History Museum (now the China National Museum) with the support of its late director Yu Weichao (1933–2003) (fig. 1), a renowned scholar.


Through creating huge panoramic colorful photographs, the artist Wang Guofeng presents, under the socialist ideology of the 20th century, a global cultural product: the politically identified and exceptionally spectacular buildings, which reflect and condense the human social system patterns, and the ‘collective unconsciousness’ of the centralized system. Wang Guofeng combines both documentary photography and expressive


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