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The Joy of Connecting the West and East

Review on “Simple Pleasures: Li Jin with Roger Law” Text by Joshua Gong Starting 4 May, 2024, the Ashmolean Museum of Oxford University will be presenting an exhibition entitled “Simple Pleasures: Li Jin with Roger Law“. This exhibition showcases the paintings of Li Jin, an artist whose works highlight the contemporary friendship between China and

Interview with Fang Lijun—— Exploring Portraits and Porcelain

Ashmolean Museum, Oxford 14.10.2023 – 13.04.2024   Ashmolean Museum in Oxford is currently hosting a solo exhibition by renowned Chinese contemporary artist Fang Lijun, titled Fang Lijun: Faces and Ceramics. This exhibition is meticulously curated by Professor Shelagh Vainker, who serves as both the curator for Chinese Art at the Ashmolean Museum and an Associate

Qu Leilei

Leading Chinese artist Qu Leilei will show new work in an autumn exhibition in the Ashmolean’s Chinese Paintings Gallery.  

The definition of ‘curator’ of contemporary arts

When referring to the definition of ‘curator’, different people working in different fields give different answers. Mostly, people describe a curator as an organizer, a director, a manager, and there are a lot of people that would think curators are personnel responsible for exhibition planning and art dealing. In the context of contemporary arts, the definitions are limited, or defined with preconceived bias. However at least, it seems ‘curator’ is a role filled with multiple identities and responsibilities.


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