Ming: 50 years that changed China

TEXT BY文字提供:ART.ZIP IMAGES COURTESY OF 圖片提供:BRITISH MUSEUM 大英博物館 In September 2014 the British Museum will stage a major exhibition on a golden age in China’s history--Ming:50 Years That Changed China. The exhibition will explore the years 1400 – 1450, a pivotal 50 year period that transformed China during the rule of the Ming dynasty. In

Mel Bochner: If The Colour Changes

Text and images by courtesy of Whitechapel Art Gallery 圖文提供: 倫敦白教堂藝術畫廊   12.10.2012 - 30.12.2012 Mel Bochner is one of the founders of Conceptual Art. Emerging in the 1960s from a generation of American artists including Sol LeWitt, Eva Hesse and Robert Smithson, Bochner questioned the importance of painting as a medium and at the

Art of Change: New Directions from China

Text and images by courtesy of Hayward Gallery 圖文提供: 倫敦海沃德畫廊   07.09.2012 – 09.12.2012 The first major exhibition in the UK to focus on contemporary installation and performance art from China, it brings together works by nine of the country’s most innovative artists and artist groups from the 1980s to today – Chen Zhen, Yingmei


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