Art of Change: New Directions from China

Text and images by courtesy of Hayward Gallery

圖文提供: 倫敦海沃德畫廊


07.09.2012 – 09.12.2012

The first major exhibition in the UK to focus on contemporary installation and performance art from China, it brings together works by nine of the country’s most innovative artists and artist groups from the 1980s to today – Chen Zhen, Yingmei Duan, Gu Dexin, MadeIn Company, Liang Shaoji, Sun Yuan & Peng Yu, Wang Jianwei and Xu Zhen.

The idea of change – impermanence as an inescapable fact of human existence – is deeply rooted in Eastern philosophy. Art of Change argues that this has led artists to positively embrace transformation and transience as key themes running through much of contemporary Chinese installation and performance art.

Each artist in the exhibition presents works that alter their appearance over time or convey a powerful sense of volatility in some way – from fleeting images of objects thrown out of a box or a person magically floating above the gallery floor to a wildly thrashing hose pipe dancing through space.

Highlights of the exhibition include:

  • In Chen Zhen’s (b.1955- d.2000) Purification Room (2000) everyday items such as a bed, chair, refrigerator and TV are collected together locally and covered in a layer of mud which dries, cracks and changes its colour – in the artist’s words it is a sort of archaeology of the futures, presenting today’s objects as they will be unearthed in future years.
  • The exhibition presents a selection of works by Liang Shaoji (b. 1945), from his Nature Series begun in 1988. The artist choreographs the activities of silkworms causing them to weave their silk webs around sculptural objects. In the artist’s words, “I don’t think it is necessary to repeat the past. Instead I try to make silk stand for the line of human beings, and also the history of human beings and silkworms”.


A specially-created interactive archive tracing the development of installation and performance art in China from 1979 to today forms the backbone of the exhibition. Presented through an innovative digital interface created by Land Ahoy, the archive is comprised of short descriptions of over 130 performances, exhibitions and art events, as well as images, and expert commentary.

07.09.2012 – 09.12.2012





  • 在陳真(b.1955 – d.2000)的《淨化室(2000)》作品中,日常用品如床,椅子,冰箱和電視機等物品被收集到一起,然後將其覆蓋上一層乾燥開裂的泥層,用藝術家的話說,它們是一種考古學的期貨,將它們以未來出土文物的形式展示在當下。
  • 此次展覽還展出了梁紹基(b. 1945)創作於1988年的“自然”系列作品。藝術家編排蠶在雕塑的周圍作繭,用蠶絲將雕塑對象纏繞覆蓋。藝術家表示:“我覺得重復過去是沒有必要的,我將蠶絲的纏繞變為人類的立場和觀點,這也是比喻人類和蠶的歷史。”


貫穿這個展覽的框架是建立在一個專門創立的互動式檔案,追溯了從1979年以來中國裝置和表演藝術的發展。通過蘭德阿霍伊(Land Ahoy)設計的數碼交互平台,歸檔了超過130場表演,展覽和藝術現場的圖文資料。


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