Sadler’s wells

Sadler’s Wells – Gravity Fatigue

Sadler’s Wells presented the first dance production with fashion designer – Hussein Chalayan. Gravity Fatigue is a major new show of Sadler’s Wells in Autumn/Winter 2015 season. As the poster and the clip show, two twisted limbs entangle or alienate each other in the complicated clothes forms. They look like independent individual, however, between the flashed on and off of the light, transferring the message of inseparable circumstance through strong body languages.

The Legend of the Sun 逐夢天涯

A long time ago, the ancestors of the Zhuang used to live in a place without sunshine. It is said that far beyond the horizon lives a flaming Sun that will bring light and warmth to their homeland. Everyone volunteers for the adventurous journey in search of the Sun… The elders say: “We have the


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