The Legend of the Sun 逐夢天涯

A long time ago, the ancestors of the Zhuang used to live in a place without sunshine. It is said that far beyond the horizon lives a flaming Sun that will bring light and warmth to their homeland. Everyone volunteers for the adventurous journey in search of the Sun…

The elders say: “We have the experience. Let us go”. The youths say: “We are robust and strong. Let us go”. The children say: “We are still young. We can cover the longest road”. But a beautiful mother-to-be steps out and says: “Please, let me go. Maybe I cannot make it to the end of the sky, but my baby will continue my journey and head towards the Sun.”

《逐夢天涯(The Legend of the Sun)》根據壯族民間傳說故事《媽勒訪天邊》改編,多次獲國內舞劇大獎。“勒”在壯語中是“兒子”的意思,該劇講述了很久以前,壯族人生活的地方被陰暗和寒冷籠罩,媽媽和兒子為尋找太陽而訪天邊的故事。全劇將史詩般的雄渾、絲絲入扣的細膩情感和獨具民族色彩的歡快情緒融為一體,運用現代的編舞、舞美、燈光、服裝等藝術表現手段,充分展示了廣西地區多姿多彩的民族風情和壯族人民追求光明、勇敢堅定的民族性格,以優美的舞姿,向觀眾詮釋了親情和愛情。




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