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Sadler’s Wells presented the first dance production with fashion designer – Hussein Chalayan. Gravity Fatigue is a major new show of Sadler’s Wells in Autumn/Winter 2015 season. As the poster and the clip show, two twisted limbs entangle or alienate each other in the complicated clothes forms. They look like independent individual, however, between the flashed on and off of the light, transferring the message of inseparable circumstance through strong body languages.

Hussein Chalayan is an internationally renowned fashion designer and artist whose collections are acclaimed for innovative design, bold use of technology and elegant minimalism. He was named British Designer of the Year in 1999 and 2000. In his first theatrical work, Chalayan combines the visual creativity of his designs and concepts with contemporary dance to bring to life a transformational imaginary world. Working with award-winning choreographer Damien Jalet, sound illustrators Mode-F and lighting designer Natasha Chivers, the production takes its inspiration from themes of identity and displacement.

Hussein Chalayan said: “I feel very honoured to be given this opportunity at Sadler’s Wells, to be able to extend my interests and world view into the realms of performance and dance. Fashion for me is a very important part of culture, however, in many cases clothes can limit the expression of certain ideas. This production will allow me to showcase ideas which I have been collecting for many years and to build narratives around and with the body in a much broader context than ever seen before in my work.”

沙德勒之井劇場2015秋冬主要作品﹣Gravity Fatigue是其與時尚設計師Hussein Chalayan的首次創新合作。如該劇海報與宣傳片中的景象,兩具肢體在無法被完整穿著亦無法脫離的衣物布料中互相糾纏、拉扯卻又緊密聯繫著。他們看似是獨立的個體,但在一幕幕的燈光一明一暗之間,他們用強烈的身體語言傾訴著難以分離的情狀,傳達著感官視覺的擴張與刺激。

Hussein Chalayan作為此次視覺及服裝創意指導,曾獲得1999年與2000年的英國設計師稱號。他聞名于服裝材料的創新與極簡的風格,該劇是他首次將其在服裝上奇思妙想與當代舞蹈完美融合,創造出一個個富有生命力的異想維度。眾多著名舞台美術、聲音傳達等大師共同參與創作,如編舞獲獎者Damien Jalet,配音編輯Mode-F及燈光設計Natasha Chivers。該劇靈感來源於公共空間中自我身份的認知與轉化,而舞蹈與時尚是處理肢體語言最完美且完整的傳達方式,這兩種藝術形式相互交融、相得益彰,在不同的場景中展現了在或私密或集體的空間中個人情緒的有效輸出。

舞蹈演員們在張弛有度的布料中將肢體語言延展至整個舞台,美麗卻又誇張,電子背景音作為另一層感官體驗為表演作出更完整的詮釋。Gravity Fatigue為觀眾帶來了與衆不同的美學傳達。Hussein Chalayan在採訪中說道:“我很榮幸能夠有此機會與沙德勒之井劇場合作,并在舞蹈表演上延伸我的興趣愛好與時尚觀點。時尚對我來說是文化構成中重要的一部份,然而時裝卻也會阻礙很多靈感的表達。這部作品給與我機會去表達多年來我對身體在更廣領域中的擴展與應用。”

About Sadler’s Wells

Sadler’s Wells is a world leader in contemporary dance, committed to producing, commissioning and presenting new works and to bringing the very best international and UK dance to London and worldwide audiences. Under the Artistic Directorship of Alistair Spalding the theatre’s acclaimed year-round programme spans dance of every kind, from contemporary to flamenco, Bollywood to ballet, salsa to street dance and tango to tap. Since 2005 it has helped to bring over 90 new dance works to the stage and its international award-winning commissions and collaborative productions regularly tour the world.

Sadler’s Wells supports 16 appointed world class Associate Artists, three Resident Companies and an Associate Company and nurtures the next generation of talent through its National Youth Dance Company, Summer University programme, Wild Card initiative and its New Wave Associates.

Located in Islington in north London, the current theatre is the sixth to have stood on the site since it was first built by Richard Sadler in 1683. The venue has played an illustrious role in the history of theatre ever since, with The Royal Ballet, Birmingham Royal Ballet and English National Opera all having started at Sadler’s Wells.

Sadler’s Wells is an Arts Council National Portfolio Organisation and currently receives approximately 9% of its revenue from Arts Council England.


沙德勒之井劇場是國際當代舞蹈的殿堂劇院,與世界傑出藝術家、表演家合作為英國及世界呈現全新的優秀舞蹈作品。2004年Alistair Spalding接手藝術總監一職,他將多種類型的舞蹈形式融合入舞劇中,從當代舞到弗拉曼柯舞,寶萊塢到芭蕾,薩爾薩舞到街舞甚至探戈。2005年以來沙德勒之井劇院將超過90部舞蹈作品搬上舞台,其國際獎獲得舞劇與合作作品定期進行世界巡演。

位於倫敦伊斯靈頓區的劇院,是在歷史上同一位置1683年Richard Sadler創立以來的第六次重建。其300餘年的歷史是國家芭蕾劇院、伯明翰芭蕾劇院及英國國家劇院的發源地。沙德勒之井劇場對16個世界級藝術家,3個當地公司及1個合作公司進行贊助支持,并通過多種項目合作對年青天才藝術家培養扶植。其9%的資金來源於英國藝術委員會,剩下70%的票房收益奠定了劇院的成功經營。


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