Made in China: A Doug Fishbone Project

From 10 February, visitors to Dulwich Picture Gallery will be set the challenge to identify a Chinese replica hanging among the 270 Old Master paintings on display. ‘Made in China: A Doug Fishbone Project’ will explore the nature and importance of the original versus the copy and the role of art as commodity, a subject of increasing importance in our age of global mass production.

_MG_0175Conceived by artist Doug Fishbone and curated by Dr Xavier Bray, the Arturo and Holly Melosi Chief Curator at the Gallery, Dulwich will temporarily remove one of its paintings from the frame, replacing it with a replica commissioned by Fishbone and produced by one of China’s numerous exporters of handmade oil paintings.


For three months the public will be invited to identify the replicated painting and have the opportunity to submit their answers via an iPad in the Gallery. Those with the correct answer will be entered into a competition to win a custom print from the Gallery’s collection, signed by Doug Fishbone. The replica will be revealed on 28 April 2015 when it will hang side by side with the original. Visitors will be invited to return to compare and contrast. How does the brushwork differ? How has the varnish aged on the original? How has the Chinese artist interpreted the style of painting of an Old Master?

Many Old Master painters, from Titian to Rubens, encouraged the iteration of their work, of which there are several examples in Dulwich’s collection. The Gallery’s version of Venus & Adonis clearly demonstrates how Titian’s assistants would have mapped out the composition using a template, with the master coming along at the end of the process to add the finishing touches. Today, famous paintings are being reproduced in the millions with China dominating this export market.

By placing a replica amongst its collection Dulwich will be encouraging the public to look closely and engage with the magic of the originals on display, and to also explore the issues raised by Fishbone’s work regarding identity, value and authorship. Does a replica introduced into the sanctity of a museum setting acquire newfound quality and status?

Interior © Stuart Leech很難想像一間正統的藝術機構竟公然將名畫的仿製品引進門。其實這是多維茨畫廊近期展覽“中國製造:藝術家道格·費甚波恩項目(Made in China: A Doug Fishbone Project)”——從2月10日起,畫廊將發起一項挑戰,公眾需要從270幅早期繪畫大師的作品中辨識出一幅中國製造的仿製品。該項目的目的是為了讓大家探討原作與仿製品的本質和重要性,在全球大生產的環境下藝術品作為商品所不可小覷的地位展開了討論。

此次展覽由藝術家道格·費甚波恩(Doug Fishbone)構思,多維茨畫廊的阿圖羅和霍利·梅洛西(the Arturo and Holly Melosi)總策展人澤維爾·布雷博士(Dr Xavier Bray)策劃。費甚波恩先前委託中國出口商複製其中一幅館藏畫作,然後策展團隊將原作從畫框內取出,替換成這幅仿製品。




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展覽場地:Dulwich Picture Gallery 多維茨畫廊
展覽時間:10.02.2015 – 26.04.2015


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