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Guided by a passion for strengthening intercultural relations, Fion Gunn works as an artist curator in the international arena. She has developed a network in the UK, Ireland and China, linking with city councils, institutions and arts organisations in the Republic of Ireland as well as in Northern Ireland. She has pioneered cross-cultural collaborations between Ireland and China and is recognized for her curatorial, logistical and organisational skills in annually directing of the Irish Wave project in Beijing and Shanghai. Gunn is represented by Peking Art Associates in Beijing.

Her own art practice encompasses a wide range of media and scale and covers a range of interrelated themes: the convergence of histories and narratives both personal and global, the legacy of conflict, the healing and elucidative potential of art.

Graduated from Crawford College of Art & Design (CIT) in Cork, Gunn is the first Irish artist to have been awarded a public sculpture commission in China, the first to present a solo show at the prestigious Tsinghua Academy of Art & Design and the first to curate exhibitions in Beijing’s 798 Arts District. She is actively engaged in a number of initiatives with European, Asian and African artists as curator and artist.

Key questions central to Gunn’s practice are:

How can our work touch people in meaningful ways which alter the ways in which we relate to other individuals, other cultures, other philosophical and moral viewpoints?
How do we depict and reshape the world in our heads?
As artists, how do we generate a future orientated vocabulary?
What are the best ways to collaborate?

Working collaboratively with other artists, landscape architects, writers etc. is of major interest to Gunn whose desire is to create work which engages and inspires both artists and the public alike, enabling people from different cultures and backgrounds to encounter one another in dynamic and meaningful ways. The philosophy of unity through diversity is fundamental to her work, informing her artistic practice and her curatorial approach.

Fion Gunn


In 2009 Gunn co-founded BIGsmall Artists, with fellow Irish artist Ray Murphy, which promotes cross-cultural collaborations and established Streatham Women’s Sewing Group CIC with Ifrah Odawa to promote social inclusion through art & crafts. Both are now Community Interest Companies (CIC).

Throughout 2014 Gunn worked on ‘The Dress My Mother Wore’ as Lead artist with Streatham Women’s Sewing Group CIC for which she was awarded a grant by Arts Council England – the project, which has at its core the aims creating new audiences and the promotion of inclusivity and social inclusion. The artwork was featured in London Museums: Museum of Childhood, Horniman Museum, the Southbank Centre as well as a number of local festivals.

Gunn is currently working with artist Michael Lisle-Taylor and craftswoman Ifrah Odawa on the Sewing Group’s next collaborative project We’re All in the Same Boat.

She will curate and feature in an international exhibition Intimate Transgressions at the Whitebox Art Centre New York in September 2015 which highlights the issue of war and genocide rape. This exhibition will tour in China – Beijing in October and Shanghai in November. She participated in Mémoire et Sublimation in Paris in March 2015 on the related theme of traumatic memory.


菲昂·戈恩是一位活躍于國際舞台上的藝術家策展人,她一直致力於通過藝術的手段來推動和促進不同文化之間的交流和相互理解。多年來,在她的努力下已經在英國、愛爾蘭、北愛爾蘭以及中國建立了一個包括政府部門、研究機構以及藝術組織的網絡。她開創性地在愛爾蘭和中國之間搭建起了跨文化合作和交流的藝術項目《愛爾蘭之潮(Irish Wave)》,通過這樣一個一年一度的在北京和上海舉辦的藝術活動,她作為策展人的藝術實踐也越來越多地被大家所認可。


戈恩畢業於克勞福德藝術與設計學院(Crawford College of Art & Design),是第一位被中國政府委託創作公共雕塑藝術項目的愛爾蘭藝術家,也是第一位在著名的清華美院內舉辦個人展覽的愛爾蘭藝術家,同時也是第一位在北京798藝術區內策劃展覽的愛爾蘭策展人。作為藝術家和策展人,她參與了眾多歐洲、亞洲以及歐洲的藝術項目。




2009年,戈恩與愛爾蘭藝術家雷·莫非(Ray Murphy)共同成立了旨在推廣跨文化合作的大小藝術家協會(BIGsmall Artists);並與艾佛爾·奧達瓦(Ifrah Odawa)創建了斯特黎漢姆婦女紡織協會(Streatham Women’s Sewing Group CIC)以更好地通過藝術與手藝推動社會融入行動。目前這兩家機構均為社區利益公司。

2014年,她在英格蘭藝術委員會的資助之下作為首席藝術家和斯特黎漢姆婦女紡織協會一同打造了名為《母親曾經穿過的衣裳(The Dress My Mother Wore)》藝術項目,這個藝術項目目的在於開發新的藝術觀眾群體,同時也是為了促進不同族裔人群能夠更快地融入英國的社會環境并增強當地社會對外來人群的包容性,整個藝術項目在倫敦的兒童博物館、霍尼曼博物館、南岸藝術中心以及很多當地節慶活動中都有展示。

戈恩現在正在和藝術家邁克爾·萊爾-泰勒(Michael Lisle-Taylor)以及手工藝者艾佛爾·奧達瓦一起為紡織協會的下一個藝術項目《同舟共濟(We’re All in the Same Boat)》進行工作。

2015年三月,她參加了《記憶與昇華(Mémoire et Sublimation)》在巴黎的展出,并著重討論了關於創傷記憶相關的主題。

2015年九月,戈恩將在美國紐約的白盒子藝術中心策劃一個名為《“親密”越軌(Intimate Transgressions)》的國際性展覽,這個展覽將展現和探討戰爭以及戰爭之中伴隨的屠殺和強姦的問題。該展覽將分別於同年的十月、十一月在北京和上海巡迴展出。

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