Adventures of the Black Square

Abstract Art and Society 1915 – 2015

Purchased 1971© ARS, NY and DACS, London 2014

Purchased 1971 © ARS, NY and DACS, London 2014

A major new exhibition tracing a century of Abstract art from 1915 to today is on show at the Whitechapel Gallery. It brings together over 100 works by 100 modern masters and contemporary artists including Carl Andre, David Batchelor, Dan Flavin, Andrea Fraser, Piet Mondrian, Gabriel Orozco, Hélio Oiticica, Aleksandr Rodchenko, Sophie Taeuber-Arp, Rosemarie Trockel, Theo Van Doesburg and Andrea Zittel.

Curated by Iwona Blazwick OBE, Director, and Magnus af Petersens, Curator at Large, Whitechapel Gallery, Adventures of the Black Square: Abstract Art and Society 1915 – 2015 is international in its scope including Asia, the US and Latin America. The exhibition includes paintings, sculptures, film and photographs spanning the century from 1915 to the present, brought together from major international collections.

The exhibition begins with one of Kazimir Malevich’s radical ‘black square’ paintings. Alongside Malevich’s Black and White, Suprematist Composition (1915), included in the famous exhibition The Last Futurist Exhibition of Paintings: 0.10 (1915) in Petrograd, now St Petersburg, prior to the Russian Revolution of 1917, these iconic works are the starting point for telling the story of Abstract art and its political potential over the next century.

Arranged chronologically, the exhibition is divided into four key themes:‘Communication’ examines the possibilities of abstraction for mobilizing radical change.‘Architectonics’ looks at how abstraction can underpin socially transformative spaces.‘Utopia’ imagines a new, ideal society, which transcends hierarchy and class.‘The Everyday’ follows the way abstract art filters into all aspects of visual culture, from corporate logos to textile design.

To coincide with Adventures of the Black Square: Abstract Art and Society 1915–2015, abstract art takes over the Whitechapel Gallery with displays, commissions and special events including David Batchelor: Monochrome Archive 1997-2015,Bart Lodewijks: White Li(n)es and a programme of talks and performances expand on the themes of the exhibition.


百位現代大師和當代藝術家的逾百件作品齊聚倫敦白教堂畫廊,展覽《黑方歷險記:抽象藝術與社會1915-2015》追溯了抽象藝術的百年演變史,其中包括著名藝術家卡爾•安德烈(Carl Andre)、大衛·巴徹勒(David Batchelor)、丹·弗萊文( Dan Flavin)、 安德烈亞·福瑞澤(Andrea Fraser)、皮特·蒙德里安(Piet Mondrian)、加布里埃爾·奧羅茲科(Gabriel Orozco)、何裡歐·奧蒂塞卡( Hélio Oiticica)、亞歷山大·羅欽可(Aleksandr Rodchenko)、蘇菲·陶伯-阿爾普(Sophie Taeuber-Arp)、羅斯瑪麗·特洛柯爾(Rosemarie Trockel)、特奧·凡·杜斯伯格( Theo Van Doesburg)和安德烈·奇特爾(Andrea Zittel)。

經館長伊沃娜•布萊茲維克(Iwona Blazwick OBE)和策展人馬格努斯•艾弗•皮特森(Magnus af Petersens)共同策劃,展覽彷彿是一幅橫跨全球各個大洲的世界抽象藝術版圖,從1915年至今的百餘件藝術作品均來自全球各大藝術機構的慷慨借出。

由馬列維奇最具顛覆性影響的《黑與白,至上主義創作(Black and White, Suprematist Composition,1915)》作開場,這是馬列維奇代表作黑色方塊系列之一。 1915年,該系列曾在彼得格勒(今聖彼得堡)“最後的未來主義展覽:0.10(The Last Futurist Exhibition of Paintings: 0.10)”中轟​​動一時。早於1917年俄國革命,該系列標誌著抽象藝術的萌芽,同時也預示著藝術的政治潛能。


整個展覽項目的陳列、藝術委任項目和特別活動將白教堂畫廊裝點的無處不抽象,當中包括大衛·巴徹勒(David Batchelor)從1997紀錄至今的500張黑白檔案照片的展示,巴特·路德威克(Bart Lodewijks)的抽象白線定點創作,以及一系列研討會和行為藝術來探討抽象藝術與社會和政治的相關論題。

Adventures of the Black Square, Gallery 1, Installation View 2.  Photo Stephen White

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展覽場地:Whitechapel Gallery 白教堂畫廊
展覽時間:15.01.2015 – 06.04.2015


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