Hans-Peter Feldmann
漢斯 · 彼得 · 費爾德曼回顧展

A new comprehensive survey exhibition by the artist Hans-Peter Feldmann presents seminal works from throughout his career, from his influential early photographic series to new works displaying women’s handbags. Visitors will also be able to take away an ‘unlimited edition’ print of a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II as a young girl.


Amongst Feldmann’s earliest works are a series of booklets consisting of photographs of everyday subjects and situations from views of mountains to aircrafts in the sky to women’s knees. In his latest works the artist has taken collecting a step further by purchasing a number of women’s handbags along with their entire contents and displays them in traditional museum vitrines.


德國當代藝術家漢斯 · 彼得 · 費爾德曼(Hans-Peter Feldmann)的首個英國個人回顧展在倫敦蛇形畫廊(Serpentine Gallery)開幕,展覽展出了他整個藝術生涯中各個富有特色的開創性作品,包括其早期具有極大影響的攝影系列作品和最新的女士手包裝置作品。參觀展覽的觀眾可以獲得一份費爾德曼製作的不限量版英女皇伊麗莎白二世少女時代的肖像攝影作品。




The exhibition also includes examples of his portraiture, a theme that Feldmann has returned to throughout his career. Whether reproducing a series of amateur snapshots from a friend’s family album or meticulously documenting a woman applying her make-up in a series of photographs, Feldmann uses the genre of portraiture to explore the interior life of the individual as well as the material world that surrounds them.






Born in Germany in 1941, Feldmann soon became a key figure in the Düsseldorf art scene and is a contemporary of Joseph Beuys, Gerhard Richter and Sigmar Polke. Through his lifelong dedication to collecting, Feldmann has called attention to the cultural material that surrounds us by gathering images and everyday objects from disparate sources into meticulous installations.


費爾德曼於1941年出生在德國,很快成為了在杜塞爾多夫(Düsseldorf)藝術界的重要人物,被譽為當代的約瑟夫·博伊斯(Joseph Beuys),格哈德 · 裡希特(Gerhard Richter)和西格馬 · 波爾克(Sigmar Polke)。費爾德曼利用我們身邊不同來源的日常生活用品和物件來創作精緻的裝置作品,並通過他一生的藝術實踐,喚起了人們對那些不起眼的文化素材的重新關注。


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