Jan Saudek (b. 13 May 1935 in Prague, Czechoslovakia) is a world-famous Czech art photographer, he was Jewish and having been born in Prague, he lived through the horrors of deportation during World War II. On returning to Prague he was forced to work in secret, hidden in a cellar, where he developed dreams and fantasies whilst living under a rather grey and pragmatic dictatorship. In his exclusion this “underground man” created an art of dreams, beautifully sad and light: erotic in the most spirited and interesting way. The works of Saudek, are as fascinating
and mysterious as Prague itself. A pillar of twentieth century photographic history. Saudek currently lives and works in Prague.

強•索德克是一位全球知名的捷克藝術攝影 師,1935年,他出生於捷克首都布拉格。作為一 名猶太人,他經歷了恐怖的第二次世界大戰和 滅絕人寰的反猶大屠殺。後來回到布拉格以後, 他被迫在自己的地下室中秘密工作,在布拉格 專制時期,他在這裡展開了他對生活的幻想。 他對自己“地下人”的現狀不屑一顧,他創造出夢 幻、美麗的悲傷還有對情色最為意氣風發的表 現形式。索德克的作品與布拉格一樣迷人而神 秘,他是20世紀攝影史上的一座豐碑。現在索 德克依舊在布拉格生活和工作。

Saudek images explore dreams more than reality, although strongly characterized
by bloody subjects always expressed by the person drawn, and by the use of hand coloured images.

His photography has been a celebration of characteristics of human nature since the seventies: human beings, woman, father, mother, lovers and babies and adolescents. The passing of time, birth and death. In the eighties, a series of antithetical elements entered his imagination: love and hate, beauty and ugliness, youth and old age.

索德克的作品的特點是展現夢幻比現實更為豐富多彩,他的強烈風格來自於拍攝對象的重口 味和手繪的水彩風格。

從上世紀70年代以來, 他的攝影一直歌頌人性:人類、女人、父親、母 親、愛人、嬰兒和青少年。時間的流逝、降生和 死亡。上世紀80年代,他開始關注一些對立的 元 素 ,愛 與 恨 、美 與 醜 、年 輕 與 衰 老 。



“I have no way of portraying the lives of others. I portray my own.”

“我沒法描繪別人的人生 和生命,我只能塑造我自 己 的 。”

“I believe all artists, if they are not lying to themselves, must believe that the best part of their work, or even their life, is in front of them. To look only to the past and to say ‘those were the best years, when I was young’ is to say that in the future there is nothing.”

“我相信所有的藝術家,如果他們沒有欺騙自己,一定要相信自己,他們最好 的 作 品 ,或 者 是 人 生 ,就 在 他 們 面 前 。如 果 看 看 過 去 ,然 後 說 ‘ 我 年 輕 時 ,那 是最好的時光’,那麼難道未來的時光就那麼一文不值麼?”



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