LIVING·SHOOTING–The living circumstance
of British photographers

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Wei Bo and Rachel Peng, founders of IM Studio, set up their own photography studio in London five years ago. Throughout the years of striving to establish themselves in the London photography industry, they gained a profound understanding of the photography field. As
the contributing editors for this issue, they will share the development of photography and the present status and the future prospects of the photography industry from the perspective of photography professionals.

魏博(Wei Bo)、彭瑞球(Rachel Peng)在倫敦創辦了他們 自己的攝影工作室IM Studio,5年來,在倫敦攝影界的不懈 打拼也讓他們對攝影有了更深入的了解,此次作為ART.ZIP 的特約編輯,他們將和大家分享作為攝影從業人員對攝影 發展和當下攝影產業現狀的看法,以及對攝影行業未來的 展望。

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