Picasso & Modern British Art

 This year Tate Britain stages the first exhibition to explore Pablo Picasso’s lifelong connections with Britain. Picasso & Modern British Art examines Picasso’s evolving critical reputation in Britain and British artists’ responses to his work. The exhibition explores Picasso’s rise in Britain as a figure of both controversy and celebrity, tracing the ways in which his work was exhibited and collected in Britain during his lifetime, and demonstrating that the British engagement with Picasso and his art was much deeper and more varied than generally has been appreciated.

泰特美術館英國館今年的第一個展覽致力於探索畢加索(Picasso)一生與英國的聯繫。畢加索與現代英國藝術展(Picasso & Modern British Art探究畢加索在英國的持續影響以及英國藝術家對於其作品的回應。此次展覽展現了畢加索在英國的崛起,飽受爭議卻又聲名鵲起,追溯了其作品在英國的展覽和收藏,同時也展現了英國與畢加索及其藝術作品比我們意識中交融得更加深入而多樣。



Pablo Picasso originated many of the most significant developments of twentieth-century art. This exhibition examines his enormous impact on British modernism, through seven exemplary figures for whom he proved an important stimulus: Duncan Grant, Wyndham Lewis, Ben Nicholson, Henry Moore, Francis Bacon, Graham Sutherland and David Hockney. It is presented in an essentially chronological order, with rooms documenting the exhibiting and collecting of Picasso’s art in Britain alternating with those showcasing individual British artists’ responses to his work. Picasso & Modern British Art comprises over 150 works from major public and private collections around the world, including over 60 paintings by Picasso.

The exhibition looks at the time Picasso spent in London in 1919 and assesses the significance of his political status in at the 1950 Peace Congress in Sheffield. The final section also considers the artist’s post-war reputation, from the widespread hostility provoked by V&A exhibition which re-ignited many of the fierce debates about modern art that first raged before the First World War, to the phenomenally successful survey of his career at the Tate in 1960.

After Tate Britain, the exhibition will tour to the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art in Edinburgh.

畢加索是眾多最重要的二十世紀藝術發展的起源。此次展覽再現了畢加索對於英國現代主義的巨大影響,並通過七位代表人物展現了畢加索對於他們的激發,其中包括了鄧肯 · 格蘭特(DuncanGrant)、溫德姆 · 劉易斯(Wyndham Lewis), · 尼科爾森(Ben Nicholson)、亨利 · 摩爾(Henry Moore)、弗郎西斯 · 培根(Francis Bacon)、格雷厄姆 · 薩瑟蘭(Graham Sutherland)以及大衛 · 霍克尼(David Hockney)。畢加索作品以時間先后序来呈現,在不同的展廳梳理了其藝術在英國的展覽與收藏,並交替展示了其他個人英國藝術家對於其藝術作品的回應。畢加索與現代英國藝術展囊括了來自全世界主要公共及私人藏家的超過150件藝術作品,其中包括畢加索的60餘件畫作。


展覽回顧了畢加索1919年在倫敦的時光以及他在謝菲爾德(Sheffield1950年的和平大會上的重要政治地位。最後一個展區展示了藝術家在戰後的聲譽,從一戰前在維多利亞與阿爾伯特博物館(V&A Museum)的展覽,點燃了眾多現代藝術的激烈辯論,到1960年在泰特美術館(Tate)對於他職業生涯及其成果的概覽。


在泰特美術館英國分館之後,展覽還會在位於愛丁堡的蘇格蘭現代藝術國家畫廊(National Galleries of Scotland)巡展。



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