The producer Jiaou li


The Shakespeare’s globe has its own unique resources, namely
a recreated theater of Shakespeare’s time. in this space, artists all over the world are invited to stage plays created a few hundred years ago in their own languages and ways in one theater,
which will be a “carnival” (quoted from the official website of
the Shakespeare’s globe). in mid-2011, the organizers contacted director Wang Xiaoying of the National theatre company of china, hoping that he can present Richard III for this theater festival. The Ntcc raises funds by itself, apply for the subsidies of the ministry of culture, and find sponsorship from some personal funds, all of which contribute to the participation in this theater festival. Because of the weather, the costumes and properties for Richard III fail to be transported on time, but the Shakespeare’s globe gives us a lot of support and finds some musical instruments and properties within two days, guaranteeing our performance. this is the first time when a chinese stage play is performed on the mainstream stage of the uK.

據主辦方的意願,莎士比亞環球劇場有着自己獨特的資源,那就是復原 的莎士比亞時代的劇場。在這個空間裡,邀請世界各地的藝術家,以他 們自己的語言和方式在同一個劇場上演幾百年前的劇本,將是一次“嘉年 華”。2011年中旬,主辦方聯繫到了中國國家話劇院的王曉鷹導演,希望 其為這次盛會呈現《理查三世》。劇院自籌資金,申領文化部的基金,並 受到了部分個人資金贊助,才得以促成此次參演。因為天氣原因,《理查 三世》的服裝和道具都沒能按時抵達,環球劇場方面給予了很大的支持, 在兩天之內湊到了部分樂器和道具才保證了演出。這是中國話劇第一次 在英國主流舞臺上演出。


  1. According to the interview with the Royal Shakespeare theatre.
  2. Sanxingdui (literally “three stars mound”) is the name of an archaeological site and its deduced culture in Sichuan, china, now believed to be the site of an ancient Chinese city. The previously unknown bronze Age culture was re-discovered in 1987 when archaeologists excavated remarkable artifacts, that radiocarbon dating dated as being from the 12th-11th centuries bc. The culture that produced these artifacts is now known as the Sanxingdui culture, and archeaologists are identifying it with the ancient kingdom of Shu.
    1. 根據莎士比亞皇家劇團的 採訪整理
    2. 三星堆: 位於中國四川廣漢地區, 屬青銅時代文化遺址。距今已有5000至3000年 歷史,是迄今在西南地區發 現的範圍最大、延續時間最 長、文化內涵最豐富的古城、 古 國 、古 蜀 文 化 遺 址 。三 星 堆 古遺址被稱為20世紀人類最 偉大的考古發現之一,也被 譽為“長江文明之源”。

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