The Peach Blossom Fan

Coincidentally, 2012 graduates of the School of Performance and Cultural Industries, the University of Leeds also present a classical Chinese play— The Peach Blossom Fan. We have the honor to interview some of the participants, whose experiences from initially coming into contact with the script, to staging the script, and then to publicity and final


  Edinburgh Festival Fringe is the largest arts festival in the world, and in the 25-day Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2012, 2,695 works from 47 countries were staged. The Fringe is also the freest theater festival in the world, for it establishes no selection committee to ensure the diversity of entries. Thus it is a heaven

Indiligent Poet – Interview with Yuxuan Man
不勤奮的詩人 – 滿宇軒

Yuxuan Man, now lives in Europe. He is a young artist, theater director, dramaturgy, writer and poet (not diligent). 滿宇軒,旅歐青年藝術家、劇場導演、Dramaturgie(中國大陸的旅德戲劇學者李亦男根據德語原文翻譯為“戲劇構作”)、作 者 和 詩 人( 並 不 勤 奮 的 )。 ART.ZIP:Living in France in these years, what do you see from the surface of theatre, and what do you see beneath it? what influence do


In regards of theatre, the concept of on-stage and off-stage is pretty relative, and unified as well. Together they constitute a rich performance art world. In the following section, by introducing these theatre professionals, we could have a peek at the pluralism of theatre and their diverse way of presenting the world.  對於戲劇,臺上臺下是一組十分相對的概念,也是一組十分統一的概念。臺上與臺下,戲內與戲外才能組成一個豐富多元的戲劇 世界。下面這幾位戲劇人,從他們的生活和思考中便折射出了他們作品不同的特質和表現世界不同的方式。

Let’s talk about New writing

When typing Chinese characters “xin xie zuo” (new writing) in a search engine, you can immediately see lots of information about “Tian Qinxin • New Writing Project”. New Writing, a term originated in the UK in the mid-20th century, now has become a proper noun in Chinese. The project started to be carried out in

The Orphan Of ZHAO

Adaptations of traditional Chinese plays ——The Orphan of Zhao The Orphan of Zhao produced by the Royal Shakespeare Company was staged on 30 October 2012 as a part of the World Shakespeare Festival that tries to show works of playwrights all over the world at Shakespeare’stime. The Orphan of Zhao is well-known in the West


In addition to the above-mentioned participation in a variety of arts festivals in different ways, different treatment of scripts is also a way of the overseas development of Chinese theater. In the environment of British theater in 2012, some very interesting phenomena seem to indicate a possibility and a future. Scripts are the soul of


World Stages London is a once-in-a-lifetime theatre festival. Eight leading London theaters for the first time work together, inviting artists all over the world to present the world on contemporary stages from the perspective of London. The theme of this theater festival
is London in the world, the world in London. Wild Swans that was jointly

TiTus Andronicus

Titus Andronicus, which is known for blood and gore has never been a popular Shakespeare’s play. In china, the only record of performance of it is a student work from Shanghai Theater Academy in the first Shakespeare festival in 1986. This version of Titus Andronicus is a new production created by Director Tang Shu-wing on


The director Xiaoying Wang1 導演:王曉鷹1 We hope that we can perform this play of Shakespeare for
 the British audience according to our understanding of it.
this play is about power in a kingdom as early as 400 years ago; however, through this story, we would like to explore
our understanding of ambition and desire for power, and

2012 “從環球到寰球” 世界莎士比亞 戲劇節

37 plays in 37 languages were shown in this festival. With unprecedented ambition, the festival brought all Shakespeare’s plays in different languages via various theatres from different countries. During the whole six weeks, national theatres, well-known artists as well as new theatres presented Shakespeare’s plays in their own languages every day in this unique venue


As appealing platforms, international arts festivals enable many productions become available to more audience. During such a special year, 2012, eyes of the world have been on London for so long that plays on stage here turn a remarkably new chapter as well. 具有號召力的國際性藝術節是許多作品得以面對更多觀眾的平台。在2012年這樣一個特殊的年份,世界的目光在英國停駐了良 久,這也讓所有有幸在此上演的劇目注定書寫出了不同的篇章。

Can We Talk about This?

DV8’s name comes from an American comic yet it is not to be investigated what is the relationship between the name and this comic. However, it
is for sure that it is the outstanding works of this dance theatre make the name famous. In August 2012, National Theatre staged the latest work— Can We Talk about

The Riots 暴亂

Located in northwest London, Tricycle Theatre is not easy to be found. Yet among theaters in London, its name is familiar to many and being defined as a political theatre. Since its establishment of more than 30 years ago, Tricycle Theatre has presented a variety of political stories related to current affairs or stories derived

London International Mime Festival

At the beginning of this year, the noted London International Mime Festival opened once again “silently”. As a leading platform for mime in Europe, where, there are wonderful new acrobatics, physical theater, performing arts, dancing and Object Theater (or puppetry) are presented every year on the mainstream stages of London, including Barbican Centre, the
Royal Opera

Chariots of Fire

In 2012, one of the biggest events in London is the Olympic Games. Cultural activities brighten the life of London. Besides several large-scale theater festivals, Chariots of Fire, caught up the theme of the Games is also on stage. Adapted from the movie of the same name released in 1981, this production tells the story

The Suit 外套

As one of the most important theater masters in the second half of the 20th century, Peter Brook never separates his theater theory with practice. In China, Peter Brook is usually known via his theory, or through pirated video that are extremely difficult to purchase; and his name has been closely related with keywords as

Matilda 瑪蒂爾達

Matilda is a musical adaptation of a fiction of the same name by British children’s author Roald Dahl published in 1988. As far as Roald Dahl’s works are concerned, they are very familiar to us, such as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Fantastic Mr. Fox, etc. 瑪蒂爾達(Matilda)》是一部根據英國兒童作家羅爾德•達爾(Roald Dahl)於1988年出版的同名小說而改編的音樂劇。說起羅爾德•達爾的幾 部作品,大家肯定會非常熟悉,例如《查理的巧克力工廠(Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) 》 ,《 了 不 起

Saved 拯救

Everyone who sits in Lyric Hammersmith Theatre must prepare to view this classic play Saved of 1965, yet the shock they get is far stronger than they expect. 47 years ago, this play by Edward Bond, one of the greatest playwrights of the 20th century, had aroused huge controversy before it was staged, for the

World City 2012 Pina Bausch

Pina’s sudden death in 2009 brought great pity to the world. Born in Wuppertal, a small town of Germany, Pina’s Wuppertal Dance Theatre (Tanztheater Wuppertal) not only made this town renowned, but also creates different performing arts of Germany. In 2012, as one of the London Olympiad’s repertoire, World Cites 2012 at the Barbican and

Einstein on the Beach

In 1976, the era with rock, marijuana and drugs, Philip Glass and Robert Wilson met at their best age, and a historic work-Einstein on the Beach-was born at the Brooklyn Academy of Music in New York. At that time, the play was hard to understand and even caused many debates. What on earth is this

The Master and Margarita

Like a scanned image on Google map, Moscow under Stalin’s rule is projected onto the bare wall of the theater. Flurry dancing souls in this strange space makes a devil’s party. Soviet Russian writer and playwright Mikhail Bulgakov’s The Master and Margarita is staged by the UK’s leading contemporary director Simon McBurney. A remarkable re-creation,

ART.ZIP Issue 6

Performance art, as the integrity of various art forms, includes literature, music, dance, performance and fine art. The British contemporary performance art is regarded as a most well-known art kind in the world. In this issue, we have invited Dong Yiran and Wang Jing, two research experts in performance art and its development in both the UK and China, to introduce the various forms of performance art, to let our readers further understand the stories behind performance art.

The British performance art has established its very own uniqueness. It has always been exploring and challenging the boundary of performance art by the means of new technology and experimentation of different art forms. Therefore, it has been bringing for viewers tremendous pleasure and surprise. This issue of ART.ZIP not only covers a wide range of performance art forms, such as drama, opera, musical, dance performance and puppetry, it also pays great attention to people involved for the creativity, and the industry development, which are rarely known by the general public.




As the stage lights die away, the theater gradually restores the state that ‘even breathing can be heard’, at this moment, there comes a faint caw of a crow. No one knows where the crow flies from, it disturbs the audience who are ready for the play, then flies to the stage where the curtain


West End London is usually known by most Chinese audiences as a theatrical stage at the highest level of the world. However, when you walk into any theater in the West End with great respect and watch a play for the first time, you will find the marvelous performance a bit too approachable, and a

石破天驚 專訪馬克 • 費希

Mark Fisher OBE,  architect, founder and CEO of STUFISH. Graduated from Architectural Association School of Architecture in 1971. Devoting to show design for 40 years, clients include the Rolling Stones, U2, Pink Floyd, Madonna, Lady Gaga and etc. Other main projects include opening and closing ceremony of Lon- don Olympic Games, opening ceremony of Beijing ...


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