There is no Straight Line

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Exhibition Opening Dates:  9 – 14 September 2015 | 11AM – 6PM (12PM – 4PM Sunday)
Private View:  10 September 2015 | 6PM – 9PM
Curator:   Huijun Guan
Exhibition Address:  Embassy Tea Gallery (195 – 205 Union Street, London, SE1 0PB)


Artist Satement:

One particular phenomenon never ceases to perplex me – in the world of nature, there is a complete absence of unswerving, unbent, undeviating straight lines; from the curvature of the human body, to our pets, to the apples from the backyard, where are the straight lines, the demanding linear structures? And yet, within our society we are confronted with such on a daily basis, the space we inhabit, the objects we use, the surrounding architectures, furniture, artworks, sculptures, etc. Anything synthetic seems to be defined by boundaries and uncompromising straight lines. The current field of physics explains this by perceiving quarks as the fundamental constituent of matter, that although quarks may not be directly observable, they can be found within hadrons. The stable elements of hadrons are the protons and neutrons as they are the most essential unit of the atomic nuclei, and together with orbiting electrons, they form atoms. All of this sources from the vibrations, summations, and orders of energy itself. Such concepts of “encirclement,” “vibration,” “entanglement,” etc, declare the impossibility of “straight” particles and energy, not to mention life forms exhibiting linearity. So here I propose, if we perceive and experience life through these concepts, would we transition to a more harmonious state? If we shift our focus to the growth of plants, the everchanging forms of clouds, the variable shapes of water…we will realise that the infinity of curves is certainly worthwhile to explore.

The origin of my interest stemmed from a windy day when I was drawing in a park and a blank piece of stark white paper was blown to a nearby patch of grass. Each edge of the paper was so sharp that it appeared as if a rectangular piece of grass has been physically cut and removed. In that instant, a once natural scenery has immediately become an unnatural sight. Ever since then, my fascination grew and I began to compare all that are straight with all that are curved; I started noticing all areas of space, observing all variations of life forms from humans, to animals, to plants. Never had I thought this train of thought would take me to the world of physics, specifically, the subject of quantum mechanics. Upon learning the basics, I realized this was a bottomless pit. Although my understanding of quantum mechanics was shallow, it was sufficient to waver my 20 years outlook on life. Hence, gradually I incorporated them into my artwork; I became intrigued with all shapes that may be associated with “encirclement,” “vibration,” and “entanglement,” such as any net-like, circular, and intertwining shapes as well as any rhythmic/patterned modes of vibrations; all of which became the main materials of my created artworks, with a focus on the contrast between natural curvatures and manmade linearity. I prefer to use female legs to represent and carry out the theme of my artworks, mainly because the beauty of female legs ultimately rests in their natural curves; the direct contact between the foot and the ground is ever the more significant as the ground represents the “stillness” and “stagnancy” of the surface while the legs/feet, with all their individual curves and bends, represent “dynamics” and “motion.”

What I’d like to emphasize is that although we see straight lines and borders, they do not exist naturally in the world, or in any physical matter, but that all of our senses have mystified and filtered the reality of this world. Ultimately, the question is, could we believe that everything we see is in fact, imaginary? We can, yet we choose not to, because all of us prefer to choose the comfortable, the safe, the known, and reject those that are not.


展覽時間: 2015年9月9日至14日 |11:00 – 18:00 (12:00 – 16:00 周日)
開幕酒會: 2015年9月10日 | 18:00 – 21:00
策展人: 管蕙珺
展覽地址: Embassy Tea Gallery
195 – 205 Union Street, London, SE1 0PB


“直線不直線(there is no straight line)”是藝術家陳曉玉在倫敦的首次個展。展覽作品當中除了繪畫、雕塑、裝置還有影像。這次展覽大部分作品是從未露面的作品,其中兩件作品是藝術家本人與另外兩名藝術家的合作作品。藝術家試圖從多個藝術形態中去尋找一個一直困惑她已久的問題——“這個世界到底有沒有直線的存在”看似很簡單的問題,但卻包含了對人類哲學的探究,對大自然的崇敬,更直闖到量子力學中去。直線非直線,三維世界的假象,這是藝術家現階段對其的解讀。從最開始的從大自然中尋找答案,發展到哲學的思考,最終這個困惑她已久的問題把她領進了微觀世界。她在微觀世界-量子力學中得到靈感,其中“環繞”、“振動”、“糾纏”三個物理現象是她目前作品創作的所有來源。她強調她並不是懂了量子力學,只是量子世界中最表面易懂的知識已經足夠讓她沈迷,“量子世界比藝術有趣多了,它顛覆了你對世界理解,我想平庸的我能做的只是把我對其粗糙的感受到的融入到作品中去而已”藝術家如是說。






Artist Information
Xiaoyu Chen, Female, Guangdong China, born in 1986.


University of the Arts London September 2013 – July 2015 | MA inVisual Arts
Hunan University September 2010 – June 2013| MA in Environmental Art &Design

Selected Exhibitions
2015, ‘Unique-Artist-Link’,Clerkenwell Gallery-London
2015, MA Degree show, Camberwell College of arts-London
2014, The 4th Now Show+ING Exhibition, Central Saint Martins of Art and Design – London
2014, ‘Pomegranate’ interm Group exhibition, Brixton East Gallery – London
2013, Graduate exhibition, Hunan institute – Hunan (china)
2012, ‘Zou jin Lishui’ Group Exhibition,– Changsha (china)
2012, College students’ art biennale, Tour Exhibition, Guangdong (china)
2012, College students’ art biennale, Tour Exhibition, Hong Kong
2012, ‘Pingjiang watercolor’ Group Exhibition,– Changsha (china)
2011, The 1st female watercolor painters exhibition,Group Exhibition,– Hunan (china)
2011, ‘Wuyuan watercolor’ Group Exhibition, Meilu Gallery– Changsha (china)

雙碩士,2013年至2015年研究生就讀於倫敦藝術大學坎伯維爾學院 Visual Arts 專業;


2015年,“Unique-Artist-Link”Clerkenwell Gallery-倫敦
2015年,MA degree Show,坎伯維爾藝術學院-倫敦
2014年,第四屆‘當下’展, 中央聖馬丁藝術學院 – 倫敦
2014年, ‘Pomegranate’期中展, Brixton East Gallery – 倫敦


Curator Information
Huijun Guan, Female, Shanghai China, Born in 1991

University of the Arts London September 2013 – July 2015 | MA in Fine Art Digital
Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts September 2010 – June 2013| BA in New Media Art Design

1. Producer, 2015 Shanghai Lumen Prize Exhibition at Jing Space, Shanghai, China, 11/2015
2. Associate Curator , 2014 3rd Lumen Prize Exhibition at Crypt Gallery, London, 05/2015
3. Curator , ‘Digital Meze’ Exhibition at Gitoon Gallery, Bethnal Green, London , 17/04/2015~23/04/2015
4. Associate Curator, 2013 2nd Lumen Prize Exhibition at Triangle Space in Chelsea College of Arts, London, 2014
Curator, New Media Art Design Graduation Show, 06/2013

2013年至2015年研究生就讀於倫敦藝術大學坎伯維爾學院|Fine Art Digital專業

2015年第四屆全球數碼展覽Lumen Prize中國地區負責人,展覽地址:上海新晉界畫廊
第三屆數碼展覽Lumen Prize倫敦地區 策展助理, 展覽地址:倫敦Crypt Gallery,05/2015
‘Digital Meze’數碼藝術展覽 策展人,展覽地址:倫敦Gitoon Gallery, Bethnal Green,04/2015
第二屆數碼展覽Lumen Prize倫敦地區 策展助理, 展覽地址:倫敦切爾西藝術學院Triangle Space, 2014


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