Before, photograph taking was taken so much for granted that I was merely accustomed to assume that to take photograph was a supplement to travelling. The more I travelled, the more photos were taken, just for the sake of taking photos which deemed to be left behind.

從前一直都未曾認真細致地去看待攝影,習以為常地認為每去 一個地方就得照些照片做紀念。走著走著,照著照著,儲存了無 數的照片,卻僅限儲存罷了,久久地被封存著。

When photography is being taken seriously, of the instant cap- tures of those colours, angles, and faces, of those heart beating moments, taking photographs is no longer a supplement, but the priority of journeys that drives the desire to perceive the world, to explore more inspiring angles of life, to encounter with more lovely strangers around the world.

當開始在意攝影,那一個個瞬間色彩,角度,面容的捕捉,那些 令心跳猛然加速的觸動,拍照便不再是旅程的附屬品,漸漸衍 生成去渴望認知世界,找尋生活有趣的角度,與可愛的陌生人 相遇的驅動力。

Only to hope, step by step, to keep on exploring, to carry on cap- turing those sky, those places, those people, those things, and those my selves. When the day comes my growing too old to walk or to think, I only wish to still be able to bear a smile when memo- ries being regained. Then that will be life, fulfilled.

只願,慢慢的,走更多的路,拍下更多美好的那些人,那些事,那 些自己。哪天老得走不動了,腦子也不好使了,願再次重拾記憶 之時,能夠會心一笑,便足已。



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