ART.ZIP: The Gallery’s annual photography prize is in its 17th year, what is your judging standard? Any changes through these years? What is the difference from other photography awards? What kind of support will the winner receive?

BR: The Deutsche Börse Prize is now in its 7th year – the previous 10 years were supported by Citibank. There have been 2 changes over the past 17 years – we reduced the number of candidates from 5 to 4 in 2006 and also broadened the prize to include publications as well as exhibitions. The difference from other prizes is that the criteria for the winner (who receives £30,000) is the individual who has made the most significant contribution to photography over the past 12 months – it is not a lifetime achievement award; nor is it based around any one particular theme.

ART.ZIP:畫廊的年度攝影獎已經進行了17年了,你們的評判 標準有發生什麼變化嗎?和其他攝影獎項有什麼不同嗎? 獎者會受到怎樣的支持和幫助呢?

BR:德意志攝影獎(THE DEUTSCHE BÖRSE PRIZE)已經邁 進第七個年頭了,在此之前10年的年度攝影獎是由花旗銀行 (CITIBANK)所支持。過去17年間我們經歷了兩個重要的變 化,我們在2006年把5位候選人名額改為4位,而加大了獎勵的 力度,包括為得獎者出版圖冊和舉辦展覽。這個獎項與別的攝 影獎的不同之處就是得獎者的評判標準:在過去12個月內對 攝影作出重大貢獻的個人–得獎者將會得到30000鎊的獎 勵–這不是一個終生成就獎,也不是關於任何主題的獎項。


ART.ZIP: We notice that you have education programs, what are they?

BR: We have a wide range of education programmes designed to meet the needs of everyone from enthusiasts with little knowledge of the medium
to those professionals who are academically or vocationally involved in photography – everything from practical skills development and workshops (Stumped/The Social), artists panel to Masterclasses and our Key Speakers series. We also have a separate series of educational events aimed at young people, families and children.

ART.ZIP:我留意到你們會有一些關於攝影的教育項 ,都有哪些呢?

BR:我們設立了有各種類型的教育項目來滿足大家 的需求,從只對攝影有一點了解的攝影愛好者,到從 事學術研究或從事攝影工作的專業人員,所有從實際 操作技巧、工作坊(STUMPED/THE SOCIAL項目) ,藝術家小組,大師講座,到我們的主講師系列(KEY SPEAKERS)。我們也有單獨的系列教育活動來針對年 輕人、家庭和兒童這些群體。


ART.ZIP: How would you say the Gallery’s significance and distinctiveness?

BR: The Gallery is the only publicly funded specialist gallery for photography in London so provides those interested in learning more about the medium to see, explore and enjoy photography through a varied range of exhibitions, events
and workshops. Our reputation for high quality, innovation, access and showing the best-known newcomers in the world of photography are cited by our audience as the reasons they visit.

ART.ZIP:對於推動攝影的發展,你們是如何定位自 己在攝影界的重要性和獨特性?

BR:畫廊是倫敦唯一一家由公共資金支持、只專注於 攝影的畫廊,我們為那些有興趣學習更多關於攝影這 種媒介的人提供各式各樣的展覽、活動和工作坊,讓 他們發掘、探索和享受攝影。來訪畫廊的觀眾表示, 畫廊以高質、創新、及大膽展示新生代攝影師作品而 使他們慕名前來。


ART.ZIP: What kind of projects or programmes that show your support to emerging photographers? Could you tell us about the FreshFace+WildEyed programme and Folio Forum? Or any others you would recommend?

BR: Supporting emerging artists is a critical part of both our education and exhibition programme – FFWE is designed to offer support to graduates who have been out of college for one year and are beginning to identify the lack of critical engagement as a barrier to the further development of their practice. In addition to offering an exhibition to 22-25 artists at the gallery each summer, 6 artists are then offered an opportunity to participate in a one year intense mentoring programme.

Folio Forum (recently retitled STUMPED) and The Social which focuses on a vocational issue (using social media/writing funding application) also provides practical advice in an informal context (free of charge) to artists 4-5 times per year.

ART.ZIP:對於支持新生代攝影師你們有什麼具體 的項目呢?說說FRESHFACE+WILDEYED項目和 FOLIO FORUM?

BR:支持新生代藝術家是我們教育和展覽項目裡非 常重要的一環,FFWE–FRESHFACE+WIDEEYED 是為畢業一年的學生提供支持的項目,因為畢業以後 他們很可能錯過一些重要的專業參與,而這些缺失 為他們進一步發展造成了嚴重的障礙。因此,除了每 年夏天給22-25歲的藝術家在畫廊進行展覽的機會以 外,其中被挑選的六位藝術家還有機會參與為期一 年的有針對性的指導項目 FOLIO FORUM (最近被改 名為STUMPED) 和THE SOCIAL項目著重於職業發 展問題(譬如如何利用社交媒體,如何申請基金援助 等),每年進行4-5次免費給藝術家提供實際操作建 議的活動。

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