A House of Leaves

Text and images by courtesy of David Roberts Art Foundation

圖文提供: 戴維·羅伯茨藝術基金

21.09.2012 – 23.02.2013

In September 2012, four years after opening a public space in London, David Roberts Art Foundation is moving to new and larger premises in Mornington Crescent, with A House of Leaves, curated by Vincent Honoré. This exhibition imagined as an experience of time: the exhibition will change constantly, the experience will never be the same, with works being replaced by others to gradually alter the general context and naturally evolve from one movement to the next.

A House of Leaves will provide the first opportunity to discover the largest group of works from DRAF’s collection, including major works by Ida Applebroog, Phyllida Barlow, Louise Bourgeois, Carol Bove, Keith Coventry, Tony Cragg, Martin Creed, Matthew Day Jackson, Thomas Houseago, Martin Kippenberger, John Latham, Bruce McLean, Roman Ondak, Anselm Reyle, Wilhelm Sasnal, amongst others. Adding to this main group of works, artists have been commissioned to create special interventions in the whole building, while curators and researchers have been invited to deliver talks and texts.

The title references US novelist Mark Z. Danielewski’s eponymous novel in which different storylines, told in different styles. The story is centred around a house which keeps changing and in which the interior dimensions become larger than its exterior over time. Much like in Danielewski’s novel, A House of Leaves borrows different languages, tells multiple narratives in different ways, and asks its viewer to become co-author in order to present a collective effort to define an art form – in this instance the contemporary art museum, from its collection, displays, special commissions and loans, to its educational and interpretation system. This troubled museum we are creating abandons any authoritarian voice. It reflects a trust and respect for the works the museum is responsible for, to the guests joining the project, and to the visitors engaging with it.

21.09.2012 – 23.02.2013

在今年9月,戴維·羅伯茨藝術基金搬入了坐落於倫敦北一區的康母登區主街的新的展覽空間,新空間的開幕展是由基金創辦人森特奧諾雷(Vincent Honoré)策劃的“葉之屋”展覽。展覽提供了一種基於時間的體驗:展覽將會持續的產生變化,觀眾所得到的觀展體驗也會千差萬別,隨著展覽作品的更迭,逐步地將觀眾從一個藝術運動的上下文關係中帶入到下一個運動之中,從而體會到藝術的演進過程和時間的遞進。

此次“葉之屋”也是戴維·羅伯茨藝術基金會第一次將其眾多重要收藏品進行公開展示,其中包括了很多傑出的當代藝術家的作品,包括伊達·阿普布魯格(Ida Applebroog), 菲利達·巴洛(Phyllida Barlow),路易絲·布爾喬亞(Louise Bourgeois),卡羅爾·博韋(Carol Bove),基思·考文垂(Keith Coventry),托尼·克拉格(Tony Cragg),馬丁·科瑞德(Martin Creed),馬修·德·傑克遜(Matthew Day Jackson),托馬斯·豪斯戈(Thomas Houseago),馬丁·基彭伯格(Martin Kippenberger),約翰·萊瑟姆(John Latham),布魯斯·麥克萊恩(Bruce McLean),羅馬·昂代克(Roman Ondak),安瑟倫·瑞爾(Anselm Reyle),威廉·薩斯諾(Wilhelm Sasnal)等, 除了這些藝術家的重要作品外,很多藝術家也受邀為展覽場地定制了很多空間裝置作品,同時在展覽進行期間很多策展人和藝術理論研究人員都被應邀舉辦對談及講座,並帶來大量的文獻資料。

此次展覽的標題《葉之屋》是源自美國小說家馬克·Z·丹尼爾朗斯基(Mark Z. Danielewski)的同名小說,其在不同的時間線里採用不同的敘事風格,小說中的故事圍繞一座不斷變化的房子而展開,隨著時間的推移,房子的內部空間漸漸膨脹,從而超越了外部的空間。和小說一樣《葉之屋》借用不同的語言,通過多重敘述方式,並且讓觀眾也同時參與到展覽的共同創作中來,進而以共同的,多視角的努力來探討當代藝術美術館從藝術作品收藏、展示、定制、租賃到博物館的教育與闡釋系統等方方面面的問題。


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