China Design Centre at Collect 2019: the International Art Fair for Modern Craft and Design

28th Feb. – 3rd Mar. 2019 @ London’s Saatchi Gallery 2019年2月28日-3月3日 @ 英國倫敦薩奇畫廊 The Crafts Council announced the return of Collect to London’s Saatchi Gallery for its 15th edition. The only gallery-presented art fair dedicated to modern craft and design, Collect provides an opportunity to discover and invest in exceptional work produced in the last five years by living artists,

Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams

Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams Supported by Swarovski The Sainsbury Gallery 2 February – 14 July 2019 | #DiorDesignerofDreams Couture gowns worn by Princess Margaret, Margot Fonteyn and Jennifer Lawrence to go on display at the V&A for largest ever Christian Dior exhibition in the UK. In February 2019, the V&A opens the largest

“One shoe can change your life”

Interview with Bespoke Shoemaker Caroline Groves “One shoe can change your life.” –Cinderella 25th Jul 2015 Filming by Huanxin Huang (Syndi Huang) Editing by Xiaoyue Yu (Michelle Yu)   Caroline Groves is one of the few in the world, a traditional bespoke shoemaker. With over 25 years of experience hand making shoes her creative talent crosses

Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty

Savage Beauty will be presented in ten sections which will showcase the dominant themes and concepts within Alexander McQueen’s extraordinary body of work. The sections are built around garments which span the breadth of McQueen’s womenswear collections, from his MA graduate collection in 1992 to A/W 2010, McQueen’s final, unfinished collection.

Savage Beauty

14 March – 2 August 2015 Celebrating the extraordinary creative talent of one of the most innovative designers of recent times, Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty will be the first and largest retrospective of McQueen’s work to be presented in Europe.    

Disobedient Objects

26.7.2014 – 1.2.2015 V&A博物館正在展出的展覽Disobedient Objects在昨天開幕,在收到新聞通稿的時候,我並沒覺得這個展覽會讓我又怎麼樣的感觸,無非是出於例行公事的原因才參加了他們早上10點的媒體接待會 (還挺不情願的) 。但結果是在展廳看了2分鐘以後, 我變被這個展覽深深地震撼了, 不是打動,是震撼。展覽展出的是世界各地社會運動中使用的道具──這本來不會讓人想到與藝術或者設計會有什麼關係,但的確,所有展出的作品都是嚴格意義上的優秀的設計品和藝術品。我恍然覺得德拉克洛瓦《自由引導人民》的畫面便是這展覽最貼切的一個反應。雖然民主運動和政治事件往往並不讓人樂觀,充滿了對立的衝突、辯論、流血甚至是死亡,但策展者的角度和胸懷的確讓我欽佩,展覽中每件事物作品的背後,都有當時新聞報紙的剪報,配以採訪和影像等資料讓人很快就能理解當時事件的上下文關係,而且當時的參與者也會詳盡的告訴你為什麼要製作這些東西,這些東西又是怎麼來使用的。世界各地的運動都有包含,從英美到中日,從中東到南美,可以說涵蓋了全球的各類運動、學生抗議、女權運動、反核武器、反全球化、反各種戰爭、反各種不平等待遇、反各種貪污腐敗不一而足,但展覽卻是從一種極為積極的態度來看待這些本不平靜的事件,選擇的物品也都是極有代表性和影響力的。看到這些作品在感受當時各種複雜狀態的前提下,卻讓人不得不佩服人民大眾的智慧和幽默感,比如為了防止被警察拉走而設計的防驅散鎖筒,會快速噴塗標語的機器人塗鴉者,一語雙關指桑罵槐的標語版,都讓人忍俊不禁。讓我記憶極為深刻的是展覽背景上循環播放的視頻,記錄了各種事件發生現場的點點滴滴,而且大多是極為珍貴的歷史影像,其二就是非常黑色幽默的“反抗器材製作指導”,教授大家如何製作簡易但高效的各類器材、防毒面具、防催淚瓦斯藥劑、隱秘標示製作方法等等,讓人大開眼界而且對這些精巧設計不得不由衷的讚歎。這個展覽輕蔑的調侃了我們當下對藝術和設計的定義,舉重若輕地顛覆了溫文爾雅和咬文嚼字的策展規則。而且展覽免費。     The V&A will this summer present the first exhibition to explore objects of art and design from around the world that have been created by grassroots social movements as tools of social change. From Chilean folk art textiles that document political violence to a

Masterpiece London

Masterpiece London, now in its fifth year, returns as the main event at the heart of London’s summer art season – taking place once again on the South Grounds of the Royal Hospital Chelsea from 26 June – 2 July (with a Preview on 25 June).  This year, the Fair has been joined by principal

Interview with Professor David Bate

Interview with Professor David Bate Course Leader of MA Photographic Studies Department of Media, Arts and Design University of Westminster 威斯敏斯特大學媒體、藝術與設計學院 攝影學碩士課程主任 大衛·貝特教授專訪 . The MA in Photographic Studies programme at the University of Westminster offers a dynamic and exciting environment for studying independent practice and the critical theory of photography at a masters level.

The Importance of Transcultural Studies

Interview with Andrew Stahl Head of Undergraduate Painting at UCL The Slade School of Fine Art 採訪倫敦大學學院斯萊德藝術學院繪畫本科課程主任 安德魯·斯塔爾 .. Andrew Stahl’s often large-scale paintings approach cultural differences and connections using pictorial language, imagination and figuration. Images become vehicles to carry painterly the experimentation. Much of his work reflects on travels to Japan and Thailand and

Let the Curiosity Lead Your Way

Interview with Professor Jo Stockham Head of Printmaking at the Royal College of Art 專訪皇家藝術學院版畫專業課程主任 喬·斯托克姆 . . Jo Stockham has been Professor and Head of the Printmaking programme since 2008. She began working at the Royal College of Art in 1993 as a visiting lecturer in Painting, Sculpture and Printmaking. Her background in teaching

Design with Global Vision

Interview with Professor Miles Pennington Head of Innovation Design Engineering at the Royal College of Art 採訪邁爾斯·潘寧頓 皇家藝術學院創新設計工程課程主任 .     Professor Miles Pennington joined the Royal College of Art in 2002 as a visiting tutor and became senior tutor of Innovation Design Engineering in 2007. He was appointed Head of Department and Professor of

Small College, Huge Influence

Interview with Professor Naren Barfield, Pro-Rector (Academic) at the Royal College of Art 專訪英國皇家藝術學院學術院長納仁·巴菲爾德教授 . Naren Barfield is an artist. He has held senior academic positions for several years including leading research in two specialist art and design institutions. He is currently Pro-Rector (Academic) at the Royal College of Art, where he leads the academic direction

Your Ad Here

TEXT BY文字提供:ART.ZIP IMAGES COURTESY OF 圖片提供:Your Ad Here YAH廣告項目 . Your Ad Here is a new project for east London and the large-scale artwork-come-adverts will be displayed on more than two kilometres of hoardings in and around Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park for up to five years. The creative ads will target passing traffic and local

Richard Hamilton

TEXT BY文字提供:ART.ZIP IMAGES COURTESY OF 圖片提供:TATE MODERN 泰特現代美術館 . One of the most influential British artists of the 20th century, Richard Hamilton (1922–2011) is widely regarded as a founding figure of pop art, who continued to experiment and innovate over a career of 60 years. Tate Modern presents the first retrospective to encompass the full

Momentum 動量

TEXT BY文字提供:ART.ZIP IMAGES COURTESY OF 圖片提供:BARBICAN CENTRE 巴比肯藝術中心 . Barbican has commissioned the multi-disciplinary art and design studio United Visual Artists (UVA) to create a new work for the Curve. Coinciding with their 10th anniversary, UVA present Momentum, an immersive installation that combines light, sound and movement. Drawing on physics and digital technology, UVA are


電影預告可以說是劇情簡介,或是故事引導。大部份的預告中會濃縮那些最精彩的畫面,去吸引觀眾。 但電影海報呢?  如果今天在沒有看到預告的情況下,  電影海報應該如何忠於劇情的說故事呢? 今年奧斯卡頒獎典禮,  在每一次公佈得獎前,回顧入圍者的影片時,都為每個入圍者量身打造了許多精緻的設計海報,這是Mill+視覺設計公司和奧斯卡第三年的合作了。下面這九部入圍最佳影片的設計海報,每張都直接點出該片的故事重點,色調和整體設計也都更能打動人心。 雖然距離頒獎典禮已經結束一段時間了,但是看到這些海報時,卻能很容易的馬上勾起其中的劇情畫面。 多麼創意的電影海報設計啊。  


15 November 2013 – 22 June 2014 The Design Museum invites you into the world of fashion designer Paul Smith, a world of creation, inspiration, collaboration, wit and beauty. Looking to the future as well as celebrating his career to date, the exhibition will reference Paul Smith’s influences and fashion designs, charting the rise of one of the world’s

In the Making at Design Museum

IN THE MAKING 22 JANUARY – 4 MAY 2014 This exhibition, curated for the Design Museum by Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby, captures over twenty objects mid-manufacture, putting the aesthetic of the unfinished centre stage. Varying from the £2 coin to a cricket bat, a surprising range of objects have been chosen by British designers Edward Barber and Jay

Design of the Year 2013

The website GOV.UK has won the Design Museum Design of the Year Award 2013. This revolutionary website designed by the Government Digital Service (GDS) combines all of the UK government’s websites into a single domain. The jury unanimously agreed that GOV.UK was the overall winner for Design of the Year 2013 for its well thought

The Suit 外套

As one of the most important theater masters in the second half of the 20th century, Peter Brook never separates his theater theory with practice. In China, Peter Brook is usually known via his theory, or through pirated video that are extremely difficult to purchase; and his name has been closely related with keywords as

World City 2012 Pina Bausch

Pina’s sudden death in 2009 brought great pity to the world. Born in Wuppertal, a small town of Germany, Pina’s Wuppertal Dance Theatre (Tanztheater Wuppertal) not only made this town renowned, but also creates different performing arts of Germany. In 2012, as one of the London Olympiad’s repertoire, World Cites 2012 at the Barbican and

Isaac Julien

Isaac Julien was born in 1960 in London, where he currently lives and works. After graduating from St Martins School of Art in 1984, where he studied painting and fine art film, Isaac Julien founded Sankofa Film and Video Collective (1982–1992), and was a founding member of Normal Films in 1991.   Julien was nominated

A House of Leaves

在今年9月,戴維·羅伯茨藝術基金搬入了坐落於倫敦北一區的康母登區主街的新的展覽空間,新空間的開幕展是由基金創辦人森特奧諾雷(Vincent Honoré)策劃的“葉之屋”展覽。展覽提供了一種基於時間的體驗:展覽將會持續的產生變化,觀眾所得到的觀展體驗也會千差萬別,隨著展覽作品的更迭,逐步地將觀眾從一個藝術運動的上下文關係中帶入到下一個運動之中,從而體會到藝術的演進過程和時間的遞進。

我為鞋狂:克里斯提 · 魯布托鞋履設計展

 The Design Museum presents the first UK retrospective of iconic French shoe designer Christian Louboutin, celebrating a career which has pushed the boundaries of high fashion shoe design. Louboutin’s exquisite shoes, with their instantly recognisable glossy red soles, are a unique fusion of fashion, craftsmanship, engineering and sculpture. This exhibition celebrates Louboutin’s career to date


  All fashion designers treat their designs as their own children, come out of their own blood and integrate with their spirits. However, for Bai Jie, a young fashion designer, her designs are more than injection of her own emotion and spirit, but every piece of her work is flesh and blood with its own


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