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Your Ad Here is a new project for east London and the large-scale artwork-come-adverts will be displayed on more than two kilometres of hoardings in and around Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park for up to five years. The creative ads will target passing traffic and local shoppers. The project is a celebration of the small independent businesses that are such an important part of life in the city; businesses that would not normally have the resources for large-scale advertising. It also sets out to connect them with the large and diverse community of artists in east London and to create partnerships between the business and creative sectors.

Jeremy Deller, David Batchelor and Ruth Ewan will be among the first artists to reveal their billboard artworks promoting independent, local businesses for Your Ad Here. Batchelor has produced an energetic and colourful artwork for Choosing Keeping stationers on Columbia Road, Bethnal Green. Ewan has worked closely with the family that own children’s clothing and toy store Mother’s Hub in Stoke Newington on an ad which includes a nod to the Socialist Sunday School movement set up in the area and also has a drawing from the owners’ daughter. Deller has produced an advert for Walthamstow’s William Morris Gallery where he currently has an exhibition.



傑里米·戴勒(Jeremy Deller)、大衛·巴徹勒(David Batchelor)和露絲·伊万(Ruth Ewan)將作為第一批參與YAH的藝術家,他們的廣告牌藝術品將用來推廣和宣傳當地的獨立小企業。巴徹勒為比斯諾格林附近哥倫比亞路上的一家文具店創作了一個充滿活力并色彩豔麗的藝術作品;伊万與一家擁有兒童服飾和玩具店的家庭緊密合作;戴勒為展示他作品的畫廊創作了一張詼諧幽默的廣告。


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展覽場地:Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park 伊莉莎白女皇奧林匹亞公園
展覽時間:5.4.2014 – 5.4.2019


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