Ana Mendieta: Traces at Hayward Gallery

Ana Mendieta: Traces

Hayward Gallery

Southbank Centre

24 September – 15 December 2013

This autumn the Hayward Gallery presents Ana Mendieta: Traces, the UK’s first retrospective of one of the most significant yet unacknowledged artists of the late 20th century. In addition to films, sculptures, photographs, drawings, personal writings and notebooks, an extensive research room with hundreds of photographic slides will give unique access to works Ana Mendieta could never show during her short life.


During her brief yet prolific career, Ana Mendieta generated a uniquely inventive visual language that is at once intimate, provocative and compelling. Using her own body, together with elemental materials such as blood, fire, earth and water, she created visceral performances and ephemeral ‘earth-body’ sculptures that combine ritual with metaphors of life, death, rebirth and spiritual transformation.



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