Annie Leibovitz’s witty, powerful portraits have been appearing on magazine covers for more than twenty-five years. In that time she has become one of the world’s most celebrated photographers. Beginning with her legendary work for Rolling Stone, and continuing through her long affiliation with Vanity Fair and Vogue, she has established herself as an astute observer of American popular culture.

Leibovitz had a close romantic relationship with noted writer and essayist Susan Sontag. They met in 1989, when both had already established notability in their careers. Leibovitz has suggested that Sontag mentored her and constructively criticized her work.

安妮•萊博維茨的肖像攝影作品充滿機智,極具 張力,在超過25年的時間裡,她的肖像作品出 現在各大雜誌的封面,在那段日子裡,她是全世 界最為知名的攝影師之一。她傳奇一般的職業生涯開始於《 滾石( Rolling Stone)》雜誌,其後很長一段時間她為《名利場(Vanity Fair)》 和《時尚(Vogue)》工作,漸漸地她成為了美國流行文化的敏銳的觀察者。

萊博維茨與著名作家蘇珊•桑塔格(Susan Sontag)有著浪漫而親密的關係,從1989年相 遇直到2004年桑塔格去世,她們一直都彼此支 持。對萊博維茨來說,桑塔格在生活和創作上 的指導和鞭策深深的影響了她。



John Lennon 1980

On December 8, 1980, Leibovitz had a photo shoot with John Lennon for Rolling Stone, promising him that he would make the cover. She had initially tried to get a picture with just Lennon alone, which is what Rolling Stone wanted, but Lennon insisted that both he and Yoko Ono be on the cover. Leibovitz then tried to re-create something like the kissing scene from the Double Fantasy album cover, a picture that
she loved. She had John remove his clothes and curl up next to Yoko. Leibovitz recalls, “You couldn’t help but feel that he was cold and he looked like he was clinging on to her. I think it was amazing to look at the first Polaroid and they were both very excited. John said, ‘You’ve captured our relationship exactly. Promise me it’ll be on the cover.’ “ Leibovitz was the last person to professionally photograph Lennon—he was shot and killed five hours later.

《約翰•列儂 1980》

1980年12月8日,萊博維茨為《滾石》雜誌的封面拍攝拍攝約翰•列儂。本來雜誌 只要求拍攝列儂的獨照,但列儂堅持要和小野洋子一起上封面。萊博維茨很喜歡《雙重幻想(Double Fantasy)》這張專輯的封面,因此打算藉此機會打算重 現一個親密的現場感覺,她讓列儂脫去衣服,爬在小野洋子身邊。萊博維茨回憶 說:“你不禁覺得他感到寒冷,看上去列儂正抓著或抱著她,第一張立拍得的效果 真的讓我們很震撼。約翰說‘你的照片極其精准的捕捉了我們之間的感覺,答應 我,讓它上封面。’”戲劇性的是,萊博維茨成為了最後一個為列儂拍照得專業攝影 師,這次拍攝結束后5個小時,列儂便被他的狂熱粉絲槍殺了。


“I personally made a decision many years ago that I wanted to crawl into portraiture because it had a lot of latitude. I realized I couldn’t be a journalist because I like to take a side, to have an opinion and a point a view; I liked to step across the imaginary boundary of the objective view that the journalist is supposed to have and be involved.”

“很久之前,我就決定我打算作為一位肖像攝影 師,因為肖像攝影有很多個維度。我認識到我 願意以一個旁觀者的身份帶著觀點和意見來拍 攝,也正是因此,我覺得我不能成為一名紀實 攝影師。紀實攝影往往要求攝影師從一個客觀 的角度來記錄發生的實情,而我更願意跨越現 實與想像的邊界來創作。”

“Those who want to be serious photographers, you’re really going to have to edit your work. You’re going to have to understand what you’re doing. You’re going to have to not just shoot, shoot, shoot. To stop and look at your work is the most important thing you can do.”

“對於那些想成為真正嚴肅攝影師的人們,要認 真編輯你們的作品。你們要深刻的理解你們正 在從事的事情,千萬不要就是拍、拍、拍,你最重要的事情是停下來仔細斟酌和思考你的作品。”

“You have trust in what you think. If
you splinter yourself and try to please everyone, you can’t. I don’t think I would have lasted this long if I’d listened to anyone. You have to listen somewhat and then put that to the side and know that what you do matters.”

“你必須堅信你的想法。如果你把 自己割裂開來,想要取悅所有人, 那是不可能的。我要是什麼人的 意見都採納,我想我不會堅持我 的工作到現在。你要學會傾聽,然 後把他們放到一邊,你要清楚什 麼是真正重要的。”



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