Dutch Erwin Olaf (born in 1959) is one of
the most esteemed representatives of the international photography scene thanks to his particularly recognizable style that has become his signature regardless of the variety of subjects he has worked with.

Erwin Olaf’s art implicitly visualises the unspoken, the overlooked, that which typically resists easy documentation. Olaf’s trademark is to address social issues, taboos and bourgeois conventions within the framework of a highly stylised and cunning mode of imagery. With the aid of his razor- sharp aesthetic intuition, Olaf purposely conceals his themes so that the viewer unconsciously and initially accepts the concealment found in his photo series. Yet in the end, his unconventional style never fails to deliver dramatic visual and emotional impact. By providing scenic and striking design, along with the utmost perfect composition in his typical, immaculate ‘OWN’ style, combined
with his passion for conceiving flawless scenarios, he vividly captures the essence of contemporary life.

With regard to the differences between commissioned and artistic work, Erwin is very grateful to the clients and magazines he collaborated with as they have always given him ample freedom and the opportunity to experiment and have the necessary funds for his own personal projects. To Olaf, commercial and artistic projects influence and feed each other.

攝影師歐文•奧拉夫1959生於荷蘭,他是當下全 球攝影界最受推崇也是最具代表性的一位攝影師。他將極具個人風格的創作手段和作品風格 投射與廣泛的題材和攝影對象。

歐文•奧拉夫的攝影將不能言說和被忽視的東 西低調地形象化,而絕非簡單的記錄。奧拉夫 的最大特點是,將社會事件、禁忌、資產階級習 俗以鮮明的風格和巧妙的模式展現在圖片中。 他以異常敏銳的審美直覺將主題隱藏起來,使 觀者在最初看到他作品系列時被隱瞞過去,然 而到最後,他不同尋常的風格一定會對觀者在 視覺和情感上造成戲劇化的衝擊。他注重背景和光線的設計以及超乎完美的構圖,熱愛構思 嚴謹的情節,他以自己獨一無二、完美乾淨的手 段生動地捕捉了現代生活的本質。

對於藝術作品和商業委託之間的差異,歐文非 常感謝那些與他合作的客戶和雜誌,他們總是 給他足夠的自由和空間去試驗,並且為他個人 的創作項目提供必要的資金支持,對他而言,商 業與藝術項目是互相依賴、互相影響的。



“I want to create my own world, I don’t want to follow reality, because I like to dream my own life”.

“我要創造我自己的世界,我 不想重複所謂的‘現實’,因 為我喜歡編織自己的夢幻。”

“What I would like to achieve is to create emotions in one bit of a second, not in a longer period, so when you look it is a world created only in one bit of a second, one minute before, one minute after, it was completely different and that is what I really love about photography, that you lie with your camera… I love personally that in my view I see a world that is perfect, and next to it there is mess and chaos”.

“我想創造的就是一秒鐘的情緒,而 不是長時間的,所以你看到我的作 品,他們都是被創造出來的在一秒鐘 以內的世界,一分鐘前或者一分鐘 后是完全不同的世界,這也是我喜歡 攝影的原因,你可以用你的相機說 謊……我自己非常喜歡這種感覺,我 相機中的世界是完美的,而畫面之外 的是混亂和嘈雜。”


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