ART.ZIP Issue 16

In a sense, the history of humanity is a history of technology. Presumably, early humans had begun to take the path unparalleled by other species the moment they learned to set a bonfire. With the unceasing upgrading of technologies, human life has been transforming all the time.

In the wake of internal combustion engine and nuclear power, digital technology and network communication technology have the most disruptive power in modern times. They fundamentally change the way we relate to life and the world, and consequently has thoroughly altered how we view ourselves as well as the world. The emergence and popularization of new words like computer, mobile phone, Internet, Bitcoin and App not only make our life easier, but also transform everything around us, and art is no exception. In this issue, we bring together the digitalization trend in various art circles, followed by an exploration of how digital revolution plays a role in British art scenes through an investigation into the formulation and presentation of art as well as academic discussions and artists’ arguments about digital art. Hopefully this will reveal an art world of 0s and 1s to you.




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