ART.ZIP Issue 8

Ever since the invention of photographic technology, in less than 200 years, photography has already become an indispensable part of our lives and work, profoundly altering our lives and perspective of viewing the world. Nowadays, with the advance of technology, photographic equipment can be quite easily accessed, and the marriage of smart phones and digital cameras already achieves the myth of universal camera possession available to everyone. Like many great inventions, when people get used to its companion and indulge in the convenience it brings along, photography of its core essence of charismatic mystery and eccentric—-the magic of reconciling the “instant” and “eternal”, the two contradictory concepts, is gradually being forgotten.

Since from the day of its appearance that dawns, photography is destined to change the course of visual arts. For over a century, its irreplaceable functionality and breathtaking expression have been leading enormous amount of people to explore and think, and its impact and destruction against the traditional art system has constructed the base of our current visual experience.

In this issue of ART.ZIP, we will, based on the introduction of photographers and their works, present to our readers the development of photography in the course of art and culture, the current developing situation of the related contemporary British photography, and invite every one of you readers with us to explore the fundamental meaning of photography.





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