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C.2012 annual report of Arts Council England

In 1940, during the Second World War, the Council for the Encouragement of Music and the Arts (CEMA), was appointed to help promote and maintain British culture. The Council was government-funded and after the war was renamed the arts Council of Great Britain.

“英格蘭藝術委員會(arts Council England)” 的前身可以追溯到二戰時期。為了保存英國 文化和促進其發展,“促進音樂藝術理事會” (Council for the encouragement of Music and the arts <CEMA>)於1940年正式成立, 這個由政府出資和管理的組織在二戰以後被重 新命名為“大不列顛藝術委員會(arts Council of Great Britain)”。

Subject to different political parties, different policies and with different managers, the development of the arts Council of Great Britain became mired in politics and bureaucracy. It is argued that from the 1950s to the early 1990s the Council made little contribution in the fields of culture and art.

在二戰後很長一段時間,礙於由政府出資和管 理,大不列顛藝術委員會在很大程度上成為了 政治遊戲和官僚主義的遊樂場,受盡了不同政 黨、不同政策及不同管理者的影響,所以這個 委員會的發展可以說是一波三折,從二十世紀 50年代到90年代初並沒有在文化藝術領域做出 太多的貢獻。

In 1994, the arts Council of Great Britain was divided into three separate bodies, arts Council England, Scottish arts Council and arts Council of Wales. since then arts Council England has been a non-departmental public body of the department of Culture, Media and sport, responsible for distributing lottery funding. This investment has helped fund and develop many arts institutions and organizations, as well as a large number of high-quality arts activities. The arts funding system in England underwent considerable reorganization in 2003 when all of the regional
arts boards were subsumed into arts Council England. Today, arts Council England has been a significant government-funded organization committed to promoting performance art, visual art and literary in England.

直到1994年,大不列顛藝術委員會按地區劃分 為三個獨立委員會,分別為“英格蘭藝術委員會 (arts Council England)”、“蘇格蘭藝術委員 會(Scottish arts Council )”及“威爾士藝術委 員會(arts Council of Wales)”。至此,英格蘭 藝術委員會正式成為了一個由英國文化媒體和 體育部監管下的一個非政府公共機構,負責對 應的國家彩票資金分配。這項投資已經幫助了 眾多藝術機構的建設,以及資助了大量高品質 的藝術活動。現在,英格蘭藝術委員會是一個由政府資助但獨立運作的機構,致力於推動表 演、視覺藝術和文學藝術。

C.Sergei Polunin and Lauren Cuthbertson in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Photo Johan Persson

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