Interview with Marco Müller Artistic Director of PYIFF

Image Courtesy of 圖片提供 x PYIFF 平遙國際電影展 Translated by 翻譯 x Hao Zhizi 郝智梓 Edited by 編輯 x Michelle Yu 余小悦   Marco Müller is a film critic, award-winning film producer, and former director of prestigious Rotterdam, Locarno, Venice and Rome film Festivals. Renowned for injecting new life into festival, Müller is also one of

Zhang Ding: Enter the Dragon
張鼎: 龍爭虎鬥

  EDITED BY  編輯 x QIWEN KE 柯淇雯 TRANSLATED BY 翻譯 x NICHOLAS ANDERSON 尼古拉斯·安德森   K11 Art Foundation (KAF) and Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA) jointly presented the first solo UK institutional exhibition of Chinese artist Zhang Ding, entitled Enter the Dragon. The exhibition consisted of an installation that directly references the final scene from

Beyond New Media Art

Text by 撰文 x Li Bowen 李博文   Like other books of similar titles – and the overwhelming abundance of publications as such in recent years is already a very telling fact – Domenico Quaranta attempts in the Beyond New Media Art  to define New Media Art in a clear, honest and innovative fashion, against


Glitch 失靈   Text by 撰文 x Andrew Witt Translated by 翻譯 x Jay 賴俊傑 Edited by 編輯 x Michelle Yu 余小悅   Glitch is a slang term. The earliest usage of the term was in the 1960s among astronauts to describe a technical hitch. The term signaled an unexpected malfunction. Astronaut John Glenn first

V&A in China

Interview with Tim Reeve, Deputy Director of the V&A 專訪V&A副館長蒂姆·里夫 . Interviewed and text by x 採訪及撰文 Li Bowen 李博文 Edited by x 編輯 Michelle Yu 余小悅 Nicolas Anderson 尼古拉斯·安德森 . China Merchants Shekou Holdings (CMSK), in association with founding partner the Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A), has announced the brand—DESIGN SOCIETY 「设计互联」— a new cultural


East and west is by no means a mere geographical parting; to any Chinese living in Britain, it represents markedly different sets of logics and ways of living. With these two systems colliding with each other in his mind and exerting their respective influences on his art, Liu Jincheng, a Chinese artist who has been in Britain for over 20 years, has formed his own artistic style and language. However, such formation has nothing to do with harmony—a feeling so commonly felt in “well-formed” art; to the contrary, his art is filled with entanglement and disintegration that is never possible to put to a word or get rid of and his pursuit among such dilemma composes a clue to interpret his works. Such a clue is understandable to overseas Chinese artists, for in response to a different social mechanism, cultural context and all the metaphysical concepts in a foreign land, we, just like Liu, have never stopped adapting, revolting, repositioning and reshaping, in utter bewilderment. Through visual means, Liu’s works enlarge such a state of mind straightforwardly, which is the purpose of the show.


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