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Sarah’s Journey

Art collector and advisor, Sarah Elson shares with ArtZip her experiences as a young foreigner in Bei-Jing and eventually settling in London.   藝術收藏家與顧問,莎拉·艾爾森與ART.ZIP讀者分享其年輕時旅居北京而最終定居倫敦的故事。   Sarah Elson is an art historian who collects, writes and offers instructive forums for education about contemporary art. She serves on several advisory committees including the Princeton University Art Museum,

Helen Couchman

As a lone traveller, the English artist Helen Couchman arrived in Beijing via Moscow on the Trans-Mongolian railway in 2006. She arrived into a city that was as familiar to her as it was foreign. Taking a small flat near Gulou, she has since made Beijing her home, making work in her flat and using

Five minutes with Song Dong

Written by: Lin Shangtong 撰文:林上童 Translated by Trish Lyons 翻譯:崔西里昂 Photographed by: Harry Liu 圖片:劉競晨   Lin Shangtong (LS): Do you like London? Song Dong (SD): Yes, maybe because this is my first overseas city.   LS: Among your artworks, is Waste Not important to you? SD: Yes. There are two others, Writing Diary with

Margarita Gluzberg—Her Dark Materials

——————————————————————————————————————— 撰文:崔西·里昂 Written by:  Trish Lyons 翻譯:姜嘯然 Translated by:Shoran Jiang   圖片提供:瑪格麗塔·格魯茲玻格 Images by courtesy of: Margarita Gluzberg ——————————————————————————————————————— Emma was stationed at her window (she was often there: the window, in the provinces, replaces theatres and promenading).   Margarita Gluzberg has always been drawn to specific figures within fiction and the way in which

Martin Parr’s Small World

——————————————————————————————————————— 撰文:傑夫·戴爾 Written by: Geoff Dyer 翻譯:于暢 Translated by: Chang Yu   圖片提供:Geoff Dyer Photography by/ image by courtesy of:Geoff Dyer ——————————————————————————————————————— INTRODUCTION “It’s a small world” is an idiom that expresses ‘surprise’ that people or events in different places are connected. 常言道:“世界真小 (It’s a small world)!”,萬事萬物在不同的地方仍有冥冥中的聯繫總讓人驚嘆。 In his essay ‘Small World’ Geoff Dyer looks


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