Helen Couchman

As a lone traveller, the English artist Helen Couchman arrived in Beijing via Moscow on the Trans-Mongolian railway in 2006. She arrived into a city that was as familiar to her as it was foreign. Taking a small flat near Gulou, she has since made Beijing her home, making work in her flat and using studios around Beijing and in the UK as needs must. In the spirit of the flaneur, Couchman often finds herself walking through Beijing at night, lost in the city that found her. Couchman sent us the following photographic essay from Beijing, arranged “as I would pin images up on my studio wall as I work; to serve as references for my drawings and printmaking”.

Couchman’s solo exhibitions include Mrs West’s Hats, First Floor Gallery, Yerevan, Armenia (2004) Gift, Third Floor Contemporary, Beijing (2006) and There was no single reason for me to be there at first, a site specific piece for The Photographer’s Gallery, London (1999).

She has contributed to a number of group exhibitions, including The Artful Scriptorium,Climate Gallery, New York, (2010), There and Everywhere, Transition Gallery, London (2009), China in Motion, Phase 2, London (2008), Solutions for a Modern City, Hong Kong (2008).




海倫·考斯曼(Helen Couchman)


作為一名獨行者,藝術家海倫·考斯曼於2006年經由西伯利亞鐵路從莫斯科抵達北京。這個城市對於考斯曼來說既熟悉又陌生。在鼓樓附近租下了一個小公寓,考斯曼已經把北京當成自己的家一樣, 在自己的公寓或附近的工作室進行藝術創作,必要時才回英國。本著浪蕩子的精神,考斯曼常常在晚上游走北京,讓自己迷失於這個城市。考斯曼把這些來自北京的攝影手記贈予我們,並說,這些照片她都釘在北京的工作室的牆上,平日用於繪畫與版畫上的參考。


考斯曼的個人展覽包括1999年在倫敦the Photographer’s Gallery的定點作品“There was no single reason for me to be there at first”;2004年,名為“Mrs West’s Hats”的個展在亞美尼亞埃里溫的First Floor Gallery舉辦;2006年,“Gift”個展在北京Third Floor Contemporary舉行。


2008,香港,Solutions for a Modern City

2008,倫敦,China in Motion, Phase 2

2009,倫敦,There and Everywhere, Transition Gallery

2010,紐約,The Artful Scriptorium, Climate Gallery


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