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Cindy Sherman’s First UK Retrospective

This major new retrospective will explore the development of Sherman’s work from the mid-1970s to the present day, and will feature around 150 works from international public and private collections, as well as new work never before displayed in a public gallery.

Focusing on the artist’s manipulation of her own appearance and her deployment of material derived from a range of cultural sources, including film, advertising and fashion, the exhibition will explore the tension between façade and identity.

5 Must See Art Exhibitions in 2019

Van Gogh and Britain at Tate Britain Mar 27-Aug 11 Van Gogh and Britain presents the largest collection of Van Gogh’s paintings in the UK for nearly a decade. Some of his most famous works will be brought together from around the world – including Shoes, Starry Night on the Rhône, L’Arlésienne, and two works he made while

Giacometti: Pure Presence
賈科梅蒂: 純粹在場

The first ever exhibition solely to consist of portraits by the twentieth-century artist Alberto Giacometti opens at the National Portrait Gallery on Thursday 15 October. Giacometti: Pure Presence (15 October 2015-10 January 2016) comprises over 60 works, including paintings, sculptures and drawings, spanning the entire range of the Swiss artist’s career. Including very rare loans

Interview with Engels

每年夏季的肖像畫大獎賽一直以來都是國家肖像美術館備受矚目的一項活動。今年有來自全球的2377件參賽作品,有機會參與展覽的只有其中的55件,其中包括各類獎項,第一名甚至能豐收30000英鎊,  這對於青年藝術家們來說確實是筆豐碩的獎勵。 2014年是此項活動的第35個年頭,在開幕典禮上,一位“奇裝異服”的青年吸引了媒體們的目光。他並不是聚光燈下的明星藝術家,他此次的身份僅僅是位模特,綠葉——藝術家Patrik Graham的畫中人。 在瞭解該畫作創作背景的同時,無意中得知畫中人Engels竟然也是一位藝術家,和Graham一樣來自紐約的布魯克林。從被動參與藝術回到主動創作藝術的身份后,筆者專訪了這位來自布魯克林的海地藝術家Engels,聽他講述這些年的創作歷程。   1. Would you please give us a brief introduction of yourself? I grew up in Port au Prince, Haiti with my family—mom, brothers, sisters, grandmother, aunt and uncle. I realized I was an artist when I was 11-years-old. I see beauty in everything.  I am an artist. I cannot

Catherine Goodman: Portraits from Life

17June 2014-23 November 2014 National Portrait Gallery  (Jin Xinchun) 英国艺术家凯瑟琳·古德曼是2002年BP肖像奖得主。展览展出了她最新创作完成的肖像,这是为了与年度展相呼应。古德曼绘制的家人与朋友的肖像不仅仅相似度高,而且传达出强的的洞察力;可以使观众读懂她和笔下模特的内心世界。 古德曼绘制的肖像画包括电影导演斯蒂芬·弗雷斯、诗人和播音员黛茜·古德温、小说家维克拉姆·塞斯、王子绘画学院的学生、退伍士兵哈利·帕克和律师戴安娜·罗斯特朗。所有的画像都是古德曼在过去三年中于伦敦工作室创作完成,也是首次在国家肖像美术馆展出​。


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