Cass Sculpture Foundation is delighted to present A Beautiful Disorder, the first major exhibition of newly commissioned outdoor sculpture by contemporary Chinese artists to be shown in the UK. From May 2016, fifteen monumental outdoor sculptures will be on display throughout the grounds of CASS. These artists employ a variety of ambitious sculptural techniques across a range of materials including bronze, stone, steel and wood.

The historical relationship between English and Chinese landscape aesthetics is the starting point and inspiration for these contemporary Chinese and Greater Chinese artists. The title of the exhibition, A Beautiful Disorder, is a quote from an influential letter written by the Jesuit missionary and artist Jean-Denis Attiret in 1743 that had a tremendous effect on English garden culture. Attiret used the term to describe the ability of the Chinese garden to provoke violent and often opposing sensations in the viewer through a series of theatrical framing devices. The exhibition invites the viewer to reflect on China’s past, present and future relationship with the world at large, and provides valuable insight into the state of Chinese culture, politics and society today from the perspective of some of its most dynamic and engaging artists.

Cass Sculpture Foundation’s Executive Director, Clare Hindle, says: “To date, Cass Sculpture Foundation has commissioned over 400 works – A Beautiful Disorder is a landmark moment for the Foundation as it is the first time we are commissioning works for a major exhibition by international artists. The exhibition will showcase contemporary Chinese sculpture by some of the leading Chinese artists.”

Participating artists for A Beautiful Disorder include: Bi Rongrong, Cao Fei, Cheng Ran, Cui Jie, Jennifer Ma Wen, Li Jinghu, Lu Pingyuan, Made in Company, Rania Ho, Song Ta, Tu Wei-Cheng, Wang Sishun, Wang Wei, Wang Yuyang, Zhang Ruyi, Zheng Bo and Zhao Yao.


中國與英國的園林美學在歷史上的聯系是這些傑出當代中國藝術家創作的開端和靈感。展覽名稱《無序之美》引用自耶穌會傳教士,清朝宮廷畫家王致誠(Jean-Denis Attiret)1743年的一封信件,而這封信對英國園林文化產生了巨大的影響。王致誠用“無序之美”來描述中國園林的獨特魅力——通過一系列戲劇性的借景策略帶給觀眾激烈的,顛覆感知的體驗。此次展覽邀請觀眾一道發掘中國在過去、現在以及未來與世界的重大聯系,同時提供了寶貴的契機從中國最活躍的傑出藝術家的視角洞悉當下中國的文化、政治、社會狀況。

卡斯雕塑基金會的執行總監克萊爾·欣德爾(Clare Hindle)表示:“卡斯雕塑基金會至今已經委托創作了超過400件作品——《無序之美》對基金會來說是一個標誌性的時刻,這是我們第一次委托國際藝術家創作作品,舉辦的大型展覽,這次展覽將展出中國重要藝術家創作的當代中國雕塑。”




Tips 小貼士

展覽場地:Cass Sculpture Foundation 卡斯雕塑基金會
展覽時間:May – November 2016


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