Joan Jonas

Tate Modern 14 March-5 August 2018 Tate Modern presents the largest survey of Joan Jonas’s work ever held ini the UK. Jonas is regarded as a pre-eminent figure in contemporary performance who continues to influence a younger generation of artists. This immersive exhibition celebrates Joan Jonas’s art works over the last five decades, uniting some

Anselm Kiefer|Walhalla

White Cube London Bermondsey presents an exhibition by Anselm Kiefer featuring new, large-scale installation, sculpture and painting. Titled ‘Walhalla’, the exhibition refers to the mythical place in Norse mythology, a paradise for those slain in battle, as well as to the Walhalla neo-classical monument, built by Ludwig I King of Bavaria in 1842 to honour heroic figures in German history.

Frieze London and Masters 2016

Text by Jesc Bunyard Edited and Translated by Michelle Yu Image Courtesy of Frieze Yes, it’s that time again. Time for the madness of Frieze, when the London art calendar lurches into life and everyone heads for the Regent’s Park. 是的,一年一次的Frieze又來了,日曆上滿滿的藝術活動,安排不過來,也看不過來,但大家一定都會湧向Regent’s Park的Frieze Art Fair。 In addition to the Live section, which is always a firm

Masterclass: Collecting Contemporary Art with Uli Sigg

被譽為“最具影響力的中國當代藝術收藏家”烏利·希克(Uli Sigg) 自上世紀80年代末起開始系統收藏中國當代藝術,其藏品規模之大、種類之齊全,堪稱全球之最。在2016倫敦弗里茲藝博會(Frieze London 2016)這一藝術盛事舉辦期間,作為倫敦中國站China Exchange“大師講壇系列” 的首位特邀嘉賓,烏利·希克將於10月8日上午10: 30至12:00期間做客倫敦中國站,解讀收藏家視角下的當代藝術生態,闡述塑造收藏風格之道,並分享收藏當代藝術之心得。        烏利·希克,於1946年出生在瑞士,是著名的實業家,外交家,慈善家和藝術收藏家。在過去的近40年中,希克始終充當著中西之間在商業、政治和文化領域的紐帶。 1995-1998年期間,他曾出任瑞士駐中國、朝鮮、蒙古大使。烏利·希克涉獵中國當代藝術近四十年,被廣泛認為擁有世界上規模最大、品類最完整、創作時間跨度最長的中國當代藝術私藏。 2012年6月,烏利·希克將1453件私藏贈予位於香港的M+視覺文化博物館,此外,M+視覺文化博物館還向烏利·希克購買了47件藏品。 2016年3月21日,由邁克爾·辛德耶姆(Michael Schindhelm)執導的紀錄片《烏利·希克的中國生活(The Chinese Lives of Uli Sigg)》在香港會展中心舉行了亞洲首映,成為本年度巴塞爾藝術展香港展會(Art Basel HK )“​​光映現場”的開幕影片。  烏利·希克曾說過:“別人認為我是收藏家,但我視自己為中國和中國文化的研究者。”烏利·希克認為中國當代藝術見證了中國社會的劇烈變革,他通過收藏藝術來進一步了解中國和認識中國的現實。希克還是幫助中國藝術家走向世界舞台的幕後推手之一。 1999年,在希克的幫助下20位中國藝術家的作品亮相當年的威尼斯雙年展,成為中國當代藝術躋身全球藝術市場的重要分水嶺。藝術家艾未未曾這樣評價烏利·希克:“不管我如何有名,他(烏利·希克)是締造者。” Find out more  Buy Ticket         在2016倫敦弗里茲藝博會期間,中國對外文化集團中國對外藝術展覽有限公司將在倫敦中國站舉辦《根脈的現場》中國代藝術展(10月5日-9日),並免費向公眾開放。


Cass Sculpture Foundation is delighted to present A Beautiful Disorder, the first major exhibition of newly commissioned outdoor sculpture by contemporary Chinese artists to be shown in the UK. From May 2016, fifteen monumental outdoor sculptures will be on display throughout the grounds of CASS. These artists employ a variety of ambitious sculptural techniques across a range of materials including bronze, stone, steel and wood.

第十三期 ISSUE 13
藝術策展人|Art Curator

“Curator” is a strange concept for most Chinese. In China, the word is often understood as its Chinese “equivalent” (Cezhanren) suggests—the one (ren) who plans (ce) the exhibition (zhan). However, the original meaning of “curator” as a borrowing word is never correctly conveyed in this translation. With the coming of the information era, a globalized and networking ...

Art 15

今年是倫敦全球藝術博覽會的第三年,Art15 帶來150個國際畫廊,涵蓋40個國家, 展覽開幕當日吸引數千名藏家,藝術從業者與愛好者。兩年前第一次來到Art13時, 我們被他們新穎而簡單的布局所吸引。他不像國際上其他大展或博覽會那樣讓你應接不暇,體力不支,也不像許多小展那樣良莠不齊,不忍直視。它如倫敦這座城一般,精致而不招搖,小巧卻又容納著眾多方向的國際元素, 鼓勵並滋生文化交流與思潮。…

shunt 尚特劇團

Text by: Struan Robinson / 撰文:Struan Robinson Translated by: Shen Xinyi / 翻譯:沉心懿 “shunt” was founded by ten artists from Central School of Speech and Drama, who met in 1997 whilst doing a one year postgraduate course. Its beginnings as a collaborative effort has become the group’s defining feature, as embodied in the company’s title as a

Le Patin Libre

Text by: Ava Davies / 撰文:Ava Davies Translated by: Zhao Kunfang / 翻譯:趙坤芳 Le Patin Libre, which translates as ‘The Free Skate’, are the first company of their kind, coining a new form of performance which they have named ‘contemporary skating’. They completely overturn any notion of a saccharine, ‘Dancing on Ice’ style, and forgo the glitter

Rambert Dance Company

  Text by: Michelle Yu / 撰文:余小悅 Translated and edited by: Harry Liu / 採訪整理:劉競晨 Founded by the Polish ballet dancer Maria Rambert in 1926, Rambert (previously known as Ballet Rambert before evolving to Rambert Dance Company) is one of the UK’s longest running and well-established dance companies. Whilst initially a purely ballet centred institution, they have

Kneehigh Theatre 虹彩劇團

Text by 撰文:Ava Davies Translated by 翻譯: Li Ruixue 李瑞雪 Cornwall-based Kneehigh’s humble beginning as a community theatre workshop in 1980 is essentially the key to understanding them as a company. Led by artistic director Emma Rice, who started her career in Kneehigh as an actor before progressing into directing, as many of the company

DV8 背離劇團

Edited by 編輯:Ava Davies Translated by 翻譯:Li Ruixue 李瑞雪 Information Provided by 資料來源:DV8 背離劇團 DV8 are a dance and theatre troupe who look to challenge boundaries and subvert preconceptions, whether in their physical performances or in the intellectually challenging issues they grapple with. Set up in 1986 by Lloyd Newson, who remains their artistic director

Complicite 同夥劇團

Text by  撰文:Ava Davies Translated by 翻譯:Li Ruixue 李瑞雪 The company that perhaps created and are now synonymous with the concept of contemporary visual theatre are almost certainly Complicite, set up in 1983 by Simon McBurney, Annabel Arden and Marcello Magni. Complicite are probably the most influential experimental theatre establishment in the UK, setting the

The Master and Margarita

Text by: Joanna Dong  撰文:董一燃 Translated by: Li Bowen  翻譯:李博文 In 2013, on stage was a production that has conquered countless audience with its unmatched darkness and unpredictable magic. It was The Master and Margarita by Complicite. Established in 1983, the Complicite is dedicated to presenting visual effects and the art of design in a

The Beauty of Silence 大音希聲

Modern physical theatre is first and foremost influenced by mime and contemporary dance. Presently, an exact, clear definition of the physical theatre is still called for. To the audience, however, the rich, unconventional body movements bring the physical theatre onto the border between contemporary dance and conventional theatre. It is exactly this unmarked border of

第十二期 ISSUE 12
視覺劇場|Visual Theatre

Theatre in the UK integrates a variety of art forms, deserving great attention and meticulous studies through its prosperity. Alongside the rapid development of technology like multimedia and internet, theatre industry and culture in the UK are constantly evolving. As a publication that is attentive to the development of cultural and creative industry, we review one particular ...

Contemporary Circus Education

John Ellingsworth is a writer and editor working in contemporary circus. He runs the website and magazine Sideshow and a company called CRKO working at the intersection of circus and technology. 約翰·艾利斯沃斯(John Ellingsworth) 是專注於當代馬戲的作家和編輯,他創辦了線上雜誌《Sidehow(雜耍)》,還有關注科技與馬戲結合的CRKO公司。 . ART.ZIP: How do you get into contemporary circus? JE: I sort of fell into it. Back in 2006 I started

Digital Crystal: Swarovski

Text and images by courtesy of The Design Museum 圖文提供: 英國設計博物館 05.09.2012 – 13.01.2013 Daniel Swarovski founded the luxury crystal glass company Swarovski in 1895. Over a century and many generations later, it has pushed the cut glass medium to new heights. With its collaborations and sponsorship of experimental innovation in architecture and design, it


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