Book of Mormon

The show tells the story of two young Mormon missionaries who are sent to a small town in Uganda to bring news of the Latter Day Saints. They are shocked at the cultural differences, as a War Lord threatens the local villages and controls the area by fear. Both missionaries attempt to share the scriptures with the local people, although only one of them knows it well enough. Famine, poverty and AIDS threaten the town, and the duo must battle their own beliefs in order to succeed and make a change.

This musical is one of the most eagerly anticipated new shows in decades, and excitement has been building since early 2012. Since opening at Broadway’s Eugene O’Neill Theatre in March 2011, The Book of Mormon musical has taken the modern musical theatre world by storm. Conceived by Trey Parker, Robert Lopez and Matt Stone whilst working on the successful TV series South Park. The trio’s interest in Mormonism and Joseph Smith, the founder of the Mormon Church stemmed from their working together throughout College and through the creation of South Park. After collaborating together on Cannibal: The Musical, they grew in confidence, and The Book of Mormon was born.


埃爾德·普萊斯(Elder Price)是一名熱情且敬業的傳教士,他的搭檔 傳教士埃爾德·坎寧安(Elder Cunningham)卻是個書呆子,而且總 是能讓兩人陷入窘迫的境地。他們被一同送往烏幹達,目的是讓那 裏的公民轉入摩門教。然而,當他們真正踏上非洲這片被艾滋病、貧 困和暴力困擾的土地時才發現,想在這裏傳教,可沒有想象中那麽 容易……

《摩門經》被視作一部宗教題材音樂劇,劇本及詞曲由特雷·帕克 (Trey Parker)、馬特·斯通(Matt Stone)和羅伯特·洛佩茲(Robert Lopez)共同完成。其中,特雷和馬特曾一起創作著名諷刺動畫系列 片《南方公園(South Park)》,羅伯特則在2004年完成年度最佳音 樂劇《Q大道(Avenue Q)》。如此優秀的創作、表演團隊成就了這 部出色的音樂劇——該劇在歷時7年創作之後,於2011年3月24日在 百老匯首演。開演後,該劇叫好又叫座。首年演出票房排在百老匯演 出 前 五 強 。 此 外 ,《 摩 門 經 》 在 同 年 托 尼 獎 上 , 得 到 1 4 項 提 名 , 最 終 斬獲最佳音樂劇、最佳音樂劇劇本、最佳詞曲創作、最佳導演等9項 大獎,成為當年最大的贏家。整部劇的主題包含了信仰與懷疑,敘述 的格調帶著些許調侃,而對於摩門教徒的刻畫依然是善良、樂觀,有 時也有些單純、脫俗。引用主創之一馬特的原話,這部劇其實是“一 個無神論者寫給神明的情書”。



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