Can We Talk about This?

DV8’s name comes from an American comic yet it is not to be investigated what is the relationship between the name and this comic. However, it
is for sure that it is the outstanding works of this dance theatre make the name famous. In August 2012, National Theatre staged the latest work— Can We Talk about This?—by DV8. The story explores topics of free speech, censorship and Islam. Many real historical events were mentioned throughout the play. For example, the incineration event of Salman Rushdie’s work—The Satanic Verses (1989) and the murder of filmmaker Theo Van Gogh and so on. DV8 strives to review these events so as to have further discussions on the political pluralism, freedom of publication and the art censorship through their works. Founded in 1986 by Lloyd Newson, DV8 has produced 17 highly acclaimed dance pieces and four award- winning films by far. As the pioneer inviting disable dancers to perform, the unique forms of artistic development in physical performance wow all.

DV8的名字來自一部並不暢銷的美國漫畫書,究竟這個劇團DV8 Physical Theatre和這本漫畫有什麼關係並不可查,但是可以確定 的是讓DV8聲名遠颺的是這個舞蹈劇團的卓越作品。2012年8月, 英國國家劇院(National Theatre)上演了DV8的最新一部作品《 我們能談論這些嗎?(Can We Talk About This? )》故事探討了自由 言論、審查制度和伊斯蘭教的話題。劇中貫穿了許多真實的歷史 事件,如1989年薩爾曼·拉什迪(Salman Rushdie)的作品《撒旦詩 篇(The Satanic Verses)》被焚燒,電影人梵高(Theo Van Gogh) 的遇害等等。DV8希望通過他們的作品解讀這些事件對於多元 化政治,出版自由和藝術審查的影響。DV8由勞埃德·紐森(Lloyd Newson)始創於1986年,目前為止,精益求精的DV8僅有17部舞 蹈作品,4部電影作品,DV8甚至率先在他們的作品中邀請殘疾舞 者,其作品在肢體的藝術開發上非常獨到,為他們的作品烙上深 深的標誌。

Tips 小贴士

演出场地:National Theatre 英國國家劇院



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