The Riots 暴亂

Located in northwest London, Tricycle Theatre is not easy to be found. Yet among theaters in London, its name is familiar to many and being defined as a political theatre. Since its establishment of more than 30 years ago, Tricycle Theatre has presented a variety of political stories related to current affairs or stories derived from political events.

The Riots builds a real-time picture of last year’s
riots in London. As the story unfolds, every moment
is constituted of accounts by different people, such
as the people who took part in the riots, police, ordinary citizens who were victims, politicians, doctors, journalists, lawyers, bus drivers, sales assistants…whose accounts are not consistent with each other due to their own perspectives. These accounts make the story vivid and intricate. The play does not attempt to judge or conclude the riots but tries to reproduce the scenes and let all voices being heard. After each performance, audiences are invited to discuss and then more voices will be added to the play. Many scholars are attracted by such practice, such as a scholar from LSE (London School of Economics and Political Science) even brought his research work to the theatre.

位於倫敦西北的三輪車劇場(Tricycle Theatre)並不好找,然而 在 倫 敦 的 戲 劇 圈 裡 ,每 每 提 到 它 的 名 字 ,很 多 人 都 能 清 晰 地 定 義 它:政治劇場。在該劇場自成立以來的三十幾年間,一直為倫敦的 觀眾呈現與時事緊密相關的政治故事或者由政治事件衍生出來 的故事。這部《暴亂(The Riots)》就是根據去年的倫敦暴亂而作 的一部“實錄劇”。從動亂開始,每一時刻都是通過不同身份的人 來陳述而構成的。鬧事的小孩,警察,受襲擊的普通市民、政要、 醫生、記者、律師、公交車司機、店員…每個人的角度不同,陳述的 事件也就不一致,暴亂在他們的訴說裡生動而繁雜。可貴的在於 這部作品並沒有試圖定義和總結,它只是儘力呈現和復原,讓一 切 聲 音 有 個 出 口 ,一 切 聲 音 都 得 以 聽 見 。每 次 演 出 之 後 ,觀 眾 都 可以留下參與討論,在原基礎上增加更多的聲音。這個活動同樣 也受到學者的關注,倫敦政治經濟學院(LSE)的社會經濟學者也 把他的研究工作帶到了劇場實踐中。

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演出場地: Tricycle Theatre 三輪車劇場

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