Forever Young – Interview With David Jiang
童心未泯 – 對話蔣維國

ART.ZiP: Have you ever been faced with the situation that the performers do not trust you? How did you solve such a problem?

J: The relationship between the performer and the director
is a very interesting thing. These two belong to two types of occupations but are destined to be inextricably interpreted together, as long as the rehearsal is not under the completely ‘autocratic’ system, it will be a process with collision, and therefore, sometimes it is difficult to avoid frictions and even conflicts. But fortunately, there were very few controversies in my past experience, even there were some, they were well-meaning and normal. I only remember that once the play performers
were not used to my way of rehearsing and unwilling to try it as I suggested, thereby I took a ‘detour’ and still achieved my desired goal in a way that everyone can accept. I think as long as the play was finally produced and performed well, the performers would trust me. All of us aimed to performed the play well and no one wanted to deliberately give me a hard time.

And in this time The Sun Is Not for Us, from my description
of the creative process, you can see that I got on well with the performers. Collision? It is a bit heavy to call it ‘distrust’; while as for ‘disagreement’, there were some now and then, but the good news is I am always very open to it from the very beginning: if you don’t agree with mine, just show me yours, I’ll see it, if it is proper, I can adopt yours; if not proper, I still can let you try a
few more times, but in the end if you fail, I will say no to you. In general, my attitude is to let it go, so there was no collision or something like that.


J:演員和導演的關係是一件很有趣的事情。屬於兩個種類的工作範疇卻 注定了要密不可分地交融在一起的這兩者,只要是不在那種完全”獨裁 式”的制度下排練,會是一種拉扯碰撞的過程,因此也有時難免有摩擦甚 至衝突。不過慶幸的是,在我過去的經歷中爭議很少,有也是良性的、正 常的。只記得有一次戲曲演員不習慣我的排戲方式,不願試我要求的演 法,我採取”迂迴”,以大家能接受的方式仍然達到我需要的目標。只要戲 最終做出來了而且做得好,演員會信任我。大家還不是都為了排好戲,沒 有誰想故意和我過不去吧。

而這次《太陽不是我們的》,從我對創作過程的描述可以看到,演員和我 的關係密切。碰撞?說”不信任”重了些,”不同意”倒是時而有之,好在從 頭開始我對此就持很開放的態度:你不同意的,拿出你的來,我看,看了 合適我改成你那樣的,不合適的,我還是讓試幾次,到最後不行,我就說 放棄。因為我的總體態度是放手的,所以就沒有出現過什麼頂撞。


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