Graphic Playground



Graphic Playground


從古騰堡發明印刷機以來,我們的世界發生了翻天覆地的變化。當下, 隨著信息科技的發展和普及,越來越多的傑出設計師和藝術家們通過平面設計的手段來表達他們的理念,運用雜誌,網站等多樣的媒體來表達他們對於生活的理解。

不 可否認,平面設計師的工作是嚴肅而精密的,但同時他們的作品也為我們的日常生活帶來了無窮的樂趣和驚喜。此次參加展覽的設計師和藝術家們相信,平面設計可 以用輕鬆愉快的方式來表達自我,也可以為我們的生活增添樂趣。這些年輕人將他們的熱情和智慧運用於各種媒介,致力於打造一個充滿探索精神和趣味橫生的平面 遊樂園。


The world has undergone tremendous change since the groundbreaking invention of Gutenberg-style printing. For graphic design, in the era of rapid development of technology, printing is no longer the only way for presentation, multi-media has been widely adopted by designers and artists apart from the traditional printing.

Undoubtedly, rigour is a distinguish feature of  graphic design, at the same time, graphic design could be delightful and surprising . Exhibitors of the GRAPHIC PLAYGROUND have a common interpretation that joyful self-expression could be achieved through graphic design. Their passion and clever use of multimedia create a playground full of fun and exploring spirit, and graphic design becomes a cheerful ingredient added to our life.

展出時間:21st July-28th July 2011

Exhibition Time: 21st July-28th July 2011


展覽開幕式:21st July 6:00pm- 9:30pm

Preview: 21st July 6:00pm- 9:30pm


展覽地點:37 Camden High Street, NW1 7JE


策展人:劉競晨  Curator: Jingchen Liu (Harry)

執行策展人:劉劉珺 Executive Curator: Jun Liu

項目經理:何穎 Project Manager: Ying He

媒體專員: 余小悅 Press Officer: Xiaoyue Yu


參展設計師及藝術家 Artists and Designers


葉向辉 Xianghui Ye,徐路明 Luming Xu,張露 Lu Zhang,劉珺 Jun Liu,姜啸然 Shoran Jiang,李梅 Mei Li,徐茜 Qian Xu


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